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Strange Happenings

Posted on Sat Aug 7th, 2010 @ 8:19am by Lieutenant Robert Mugford & Lieutenant JG Alexander MacArthur & Alice DeVain(PhD) & Kasik Torr & Ramol Lussot

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Ops and Promenade

All that could be done was sit and wait, allowing the moments to tick by one by one, infuriatingly slowly, each one seeming like a lifetime in and of itself. Inexorably, she watched the Cube slowly rotate on its axis on the screen before her, twitching reflexively as the light caught the leading tip. For a moment, her mind's eye saw the light flare as a weapon beam, but through sheer force of will she relaxed herself.

Behind her, the turbolift could be heard slowly grinding its way up the tube, no doubt carrying the remainder of the ambassadorial delegates, acting senior officers, and the one person who she felt of as a father on the station, Anthony. He had his job to do, she didn't begrudge him that, but she sourly wished he had taken the offer of Gul Keshacs to evacuate him to the nearest planet.

Haqtaj was the first to step of the lift, her Bat'leth ready. When the Borg came, they will come for Operations Control and Engineering first. The Borg had shown a propensity to adapt to disruptor and phaser fire, but have seemed unable to make the same adaption against a simple blade. The station would fall, there could be no doubt of that. This did not make the fight any less worthy. Quite the opposite, in fact. She only wished there were a TiQ to record what happened.

She nodded to DeVour when she saw there was no immediate threat and stepped aside to let the others through.

Lussot had joined the delegation heading to ops on the turbolift, and had remained silent, projecting the image of a calm, confident coldier with rifle slung over ov=ne shoulder, and pistol in it's belt holster. Once the turbolift had stopped, he calmly stepped off after Haqtaj and moved to one of the rear stations with a clear view of the centre. If an attack was to come, he wanted the best viewpoint to defend from

-This is absurd-, Brenari thought moving with shaking knees toward the science station she had been charged with. I'm a surgeon for god's sake not a scientist Besides that, she assured herself, she really needed to be in Sickbay, at least there she was surrounded by familiarity should she have another attack like previous. Being a telepath had its curses, and today with a Borg Cube hovering over them was certainly one.
Everyone was frightened including herself, since she had already encountered the Borg once, and only survived by barricading herself and several others in Sickbay with nothing but their wits to protect them.

Mac shuddered as he stepped out of the lift, facing the Borg was neither an easy task or a pleasant one. He gripped his phaser rifle for comfort, until he heard the plastic polymers squeaking in protest. "Admiral?", his voice cracked, "are we going to make it out of this? We're all gonna' die, aren't we? there anything we can do?"

"Calm yourself Lieutenant!", she said pointedly to the young man. "There are always possibilities, or so Ambassador Spock had once said. We just have to find the correct one!"
She motioned for the Counselor to take the seat next to hers at the ops table. She needed someone to watch to sensors closely, plus, she could keep the nervous young officer on hand should he need some more 'gentle encouragement'.

Harlan and Alice both looked at each other with a raised eyebrow as they watched the scene unfold in front of them. "C'mon' Harlan, we've got work to do." Alice said as she moved towards the opps table, her accent similar to that of an Umbrian-Italian one with a nice tone of a Anglo-Frank one. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Alice said as she looked over the reports on the table.

Harlan wandered over next to her and looked at the table. 'Modern tech' wasn't really his thing. It all seemed so..."retro", somehow. He glanced at the main viewer and frowned. "I remember that ship design. They were just fitting it with WiFi. I told the Sales and Marketing team it wouldn't catch on. Guess I was wrong."

Beverly tore her gaze away from the screen; and with some effort forced herself to relax and allow her hands to uncoil. "Ambassadors, it concerns me that you didn't leave with the evacuation. You both are probably the most important people on the station and I can't be concerned for your safety while in this situation!"

Haqtaj laughed, "Pah! I am not a MangHom that needs pampering. Look to your people and let the Empire care her own daughters. If to day is a good day to die, then I am ready. Besides, we have a saying, 'qaStaHvIS wa' ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD'."

Beverly was under no illusion that she could convince Ambassador Matlh from leaving, but the Cardassian was another matter. she was about to reiterate her concerns when the floor lurched beneath her throwing her and every other being in ops to the floor.

Alice jumped to her feet and looked at the console beeping at her. "Hull breach on the decks eta three, zulu four, and tango seven on the habitat ring! We're losing atmosphere!" Alice yelled. "Looks like our Borg friends never took to the idea of shooting up the uninhabited areas! Multiple casualties on all damaged decks!"

The Borg, a race that seemed impossible to stop; and in his mind the greatest threat to not only the Federation but to the entire Alpha Quadrant. The Romulan's, the Klingons, they were nothing compared to what a Borg Cube could unleash. If this one cube was merely a scouting force for even a few more cubes then billions perhaps trillions could die or worse yet become part of the Collective.

He grasped at the Klingon as the deck plate shifted beneath his feet, while many wouldn't consider this in bad taste, Klingon's in particular didn't like to feel old clingy hands on their bodies much less their battle armor.

"My apologies, Ambassador." Anthony said, starting up at the crisp brown eyes that seemed much more steady then his own.

Haqtaj gripped the reporter by the shoulder and pulled him back to his feet. She had not expected her support to be

Lussot had stumbled forward as the station had been rocked. Clambering back to his feet, he grunted as he dusted off his uniform. "Well. At least the stabalisers seem to still be working..."

"What caused the hull breach! My console shows no signs of activity from the Cube!", again the Admiral found herself yelling, making herself heard over the silence of Ops. Finally; someone from the rear of Ops at the environmental station called back to her.

"Admiral, the Cube didn't attack, she's still dormant. Something is creating a biogenic field around the breach and it moving in four directions!" The nameless Ensign turned back to his console to try and garner more information from it.

"Ma'am, it's a relay cannon. it'll rip the hull apart puts something into it, and then puts it back together, losing bits and a bad transporter run. I've seen it before. It ignored shields lat time I saw it...I'm getting signs of motion inside the cube. Drones!" Alex jumped as a sick crack rang out, and found that the rear handgrip of his rifle now had small crack in it.

"Then we need a strike team to take out that weapon. Did you detect a power spike at the time of the attack. I will lead a fast insertion team. One of the advantages of fighting the Borg is that they don't use shields. I can beam in on top of the weapon, take it out, and beam back. It will buy some time."

"Aye, ma'am. It's at...coordinates'am, you can't go out there. The Borg would rip you apart!"

Haqtaj levelled her gaze at the ensign, "And you think I will fare better here when they begin to carve the station apart with their cutting beam?"

She turned to Admiral DeVour, "I need to be doing something."

"I couldn't stop you even if i wanted Ambassador!" a slight hint of a smile tugged at the Admirals lips. "Take a small team and investigate the rupture for me will you. Take Doctor Brenari and a few Security Officers".

The hint of amusement lasted only a few seconds, and as quickly as it was there it was gone.

Haqtaj nodded and then looked around the group, "Which one of you is Brenari?"

Feeling the bottom of her stomach go into free fall Annabell moved forward. "I am," she said sounded slightly stronger than she felt feeling the continuous fearful emotions of the crew gnawing away once more at her senses despite Leanne' medical intervention.

Haqtaj glanced the woman over once then nodded, "You stay behind me."

With a gesture to two armed security guards the team moved quickly to the lift.

"Admiral! Intruder alert on decks three through four, and seven! Multiple hostiles! The cube is launching...shutl....cube-lings! We're all gonna die! This is it! Admiral, we're all going to die!"
Alex was screaming again, he was frantically shutting blast doors, turning on interior defenses, and venting whole deck sections to space.
"We've lost contact with section zeta three! No, we've lost all contact with section beta on the habitat ring! Detecting multiple hostiles closing in on our position!"

With a quick flip of her fingers she deactivated the console that Alex was manning. She had two wars going on. One against an implacable foe that could wipe them out with a single thought, and another that was a single feeling that could become the implacable foe that eventually would wipe them out. Fear!
"Lieutenant!", she snapped, forcing her voice over the noise that had descended on Ops. "You are relieved of duty, report to the nearest shelter... NOW!"

Alice walked over to the OPPS table and came into the Admiral's view across from her. "He's just a boy Admiral, you can't expect him to react to this situation with ease, the Borg are a terror that you read about in these parts of the galaxy. Not a readily avaliable threat." Alice explained softly as she continued her dispatches across the COMM channels. "Now here this, all non essential personel to the shelters, repeat, all non esential personel to the shelters." Alice said into her headset as she continued to gauge the Admiral for a reaction.

After her time in Starfleet and the few occasions were this type of situation was playing out she had come to learn that there was no time for fear. It was the greatest enemy that one could be suffering with. She and the others around her coordinating the whole affair needed to remain calm, with outbursts such as the Lieutenants deaths could start happening and she would not allow that to happen to her crew... Not again!


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