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Speeding Towards The Crucifix

Posted on Wed Aug 11th, 2010 @ 7:54am by

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

The Sacajawea, an old Excelsior Class Starship, had been pulled along with several other vessel under the Command of Commodore Varal from their war games exercises after a distress call had come in from Deep Space Seven. The call was urgent, and very little information had been passed along to the junior officers. Romano, an El'Aurian with a panache for women and engineering, sat in the Command chair at the center of the bridge. The old style layout had originally brought back memories of when he had first joined Starfleet, back when Captain Kirk had stolen the Enterprise and Captain Styles had attempted to chase them only to find that the transwarp drive had been sabotaged.

Now however was not the time for half remembered times. The ship was shuddering slightly as she traveled at maximum warp , barely keeping pace with the other task force ships. His lean frame was sat poised at the edge of his seat, his hands clasping the chair arms so tight that his knuckles were going white.
"ETA at Deep Space Seven?"

At this, the young cadet sat at the ops console, the terror at being pulled from a training excessive into actual service was almost more than she could bare, looked around at him, her eyes wide with fear, but to her credit she held together, and her voice was steady. "Estimated time of arrival at fifteen twenty three hours!"

with a slight smile and a quick nod of the head, the only form of reassurance he could offer at the time, he added. "Raise the Phaeton cadet!"

Moments later the Sacajawea's screen changed from the streaking star field to that of Commodore Varal, "yes Captain?" he inquired as he could be seen to stand from his seat and move to the centre of the Phaeton's bridge, an officer quickly commenting on the sphere's destruction to him as he moved by.

"Commodore... Captain Romano of the Sacajawea". he nodded pleasantly to the Vulcan Officer before plowing on. "Are we to have any more information about whats happening at Deep Space Seven... What sort of relief effort are we to render... thats all that Starfleet told us when we were ordered to join you!"
Still sat at the edge of his seat, the engines of his ship still straining to keep pace with the younger leaner ships such as the Phaeton.

"Unfortunately no updates have been forthcoming, the last report advised the Cube had launched a Sphere craft, beyond this you know all I do." Varal knew DS7 should have been providing regular updates but if they were in the heat of battle, or worse, they may not be following standard protocol. "How is your ship faring Captain?"

"Not good!", as if on que a console in a shower of sparks burst into flames behind him sending a young crewman to the deck with a thud. "As you can proabably see!"

Things weren't going good, if the Sacajawea dropped out along with the Fearless his small task group would be running out of ships before the battle was joined, "the safety of your crew is paramount, a severely damaged ship is of no use to me, slow to allow the Fearless to catch up, you can act as our final reserve, I will endeavour to get more information."

"We'll hold Commodore, and your going to need every ship you can get if its as bad as it sounds... Don't forget Commodore, I'm El-Aurian. I have a history with the Borg and I wouldn't want anyone to have to live what my race has been through. We'll keep up!"
He said with enough determination and conviction to almost believe it himself.

Varal admired the El-Aurian's conviction, his race had been all but exterminated at the hands of this foe and yet he was still determined, he simply nodded in acknowledgement before speaking, "very well Captain, keep me apprised of your situation."

"Aye sir!"
With a simple nod and a few simple commands on the arm rest controls Romano deactivated the main view screen, returning it back to the warped star scape. Again he returned to sitting at the edge of his seat, preying to any Deity that might bring him good fortune and allow his ship to arrive without serious incident.


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