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Here Comes The Other Shoe

Posted on Mon Apr 20th, 2009 @ 8:48am by Commander Lorran Vos & Captain Jorvin & Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Temple Tunnels
Timeline: Present

As Vos, with Ulonova behind him itching to make sure the prisoners were alright, crept further into the room and out of the tunnel, that hissing noise became louder. Looking around, it seemed like it was echoing around them from both directions, reaching a crescendo until suddenly, there was a crack of stone above them and a multi-ton slab of that black, reflective rock that made up the pyramid and the obelisk crashed down like a door behind the two out front. They spun around just as the slab trapped them in the room with the creatures and the rest of the team out in the corridor!

"Mason! Mason! If you can hear me, get our people out of here! That's an order, Lieutenant! We'll do what we have to do!" Vos' muffled voice sounded from the other side of the door, obviously making a references to the charges they'd planted all through the temple and subterranean hive they'd entered. He sounded resolved, despite their situation, and hoped that Krissy would trust him enough to follow his orders. Hopefully they'd be able to find another way out. If not...well, at least they'd take these monsters with them.

It happened in slow motion for Mason. She saw Commander Lorran and Doctor Ulonova take the lead heading deeper into the craven having seen something that had caught their attention, and while Krissy turned to check on her team a great wall of solid rock slide into place blocking her off from the others.
With her eyes wide in horror she slammed her palms against the unyielding barrier is frustration.
Over the din of the raging battler behind her she could hear, only just Vos' words. Although he was giving her a direct order it went against her instincts, he wanted her to leave them behind trapped in the gruesome hands of the aliens.
Her fingers curled and she clenched her teeth torn by her decisions, she couldn't simply leave them behind...but did she have a choice? The longer she debated the longer her dwindling team fought for their lives. She had to trust him, they all came here to carry out a purpose regardless if they rescued Beverly or not. She knew it could cost them their lives, but still wasn't ready to accept the bitter truth.

A stray phaser fire stuck the slab, jumping her back to her senses. Suddenly she knew what she must do. These five people were her main concern, Vos and Beverly could hold their own in warfare besides that they out of her reach.
Replacing the tight grip on her rifle she turned upon her heel focusing on her new task and flew into the mêlée. Firing expertly with cold preciseness she head to wards Captain Jorvin shooting anything that came within ten feet of her.

"Captain," she called. "We have a change of plan retreat back to the surface!"

"Aye Lieutenant" Jorvin replied. He then turned to pass it on. "Fall back. Fall back." He yelled.
As he followed Kristina and the others out the way they had come Jorvin continued to blast the creatures to pieces.

Moving from his fighting form she floored a racing creature baring it crooked teeth blasting it clean away shouted: "Pull back to the surface!"

“What about..?” Henk went to ask but he stopped himself having seen the look in Kristina’s eyes. “Back to the surface it is. I’ll take the rear.”
Henk turned around and kept a firm grip on his sword just in case they ran in more of these gorilla’s.

Taking the lead Krissy blasted past a group of creatures without a thought her mind was focused on keeping everyone alive in her team, then once they made it to the surface she would have to rethink the situation.
One step at a time.
The journey across the high ceiling cavern had never felt so long, their path constantly blocked by the ape like creatures, but time and time again the team assaulted them having now had a large number of kill under their belt they were grim aiming for their goals. What previous compassion she had for these creature had been shattered the moment she had be parted from her friend and trusted colleagues.
Mason's eye burned with a new light. Enough lives had been lost on the planet, it would forever glisten with their split blood to the end of time, but no more. Although it might haunt her for years to come she knew she must detonate the charges and pray that Beverly, Vos and Leanne would escape.
Ducking a flying ball of hair and teeth she heard it go down quickly by the team following closely behind. The numbers were swelling - could they sense a victory?
She wasn't about to give to them easily.

As Podi stood on the walkway, the speed of the action around him making it partially hard to discern friend from foe he pondered why the universe always puts him in these situations. No less then five times now has his life been jeopardised and he's still up and kicking. Kicking being the operative word as someone nearby shot a creature and it landed with a thud and a cloud of stony dust in front of him. He kicked it just for fun, and turned his sights to greater threats. As was Mike's luck, Podi knew, that he was currently threatened by an ape creature. No one else seemed to notice and Podi made special effort to see that K'Tan wasn't lining it up as he couldn't risk taking a Klingon kill. Podi raised his rifle for line of sight and shot at the creature. It nearly ripped an arm off but that was all the shot did, giving Mike the chance to get a shot or two in.

Mike raised his rifle barrel into the sites of one of the monsters "Playtime's over," He let a blast rip through the chest of one of the apes, but it was almost too late, being quickly overcome by another monster that paused for a critical moment, letting himself sit right at the tip of Mike's rifle. Mike didn't hesitate to let a few loose.
Taking a short second to recapture his breath, he took aim again.

With every step Henk took he had to slay 2 gorilla’s.
“It could be me, but are there more then when we came down?” Henk asked. “Like they have what they wanted and now attack us.”
Henk ducked as a creature attacked him with it's claws. He quickly stabbed it before it could rake his skin. He looked down the tunnel and saw a line of red eyes blinking back at him
“How many are there?” Henk whispered.

K'Tan grunted, during the attack his gung-ho and trigger happy tactics had not ceased but a some point annoyed with all the shooting the Klingon was taken over by anger. Shouldering his Disruptor rifle he went in close and personal with the nearest creature sweeping in wide yet precise arcs with his Bat'Leth, ignoring the obvious amount of blood splattering over him. Yet during all the frenzied fighting he remained silent, retreating back with the rest of the group, intent on following orders. Now hatred for these things was obvious in his gaze yet his actions remained a mystery. He was reserved, controlled even moving here and there to protect vulnerable members of the away team. Only a soft murmur would come from his lips, the verses of a Klingon poem, a saga that soon he recited out loud as a possible inspiration for his fellows.

Abruptly Krissy slid to halt meters away from the entrance way. The entire confined corridor was filled with more muscle, terrifying hairy creatures. She doubted back crashing into Podi who had been directly behind her.
"We'll not going that way anymore!" she called grabbing Podi's sleeve as she turned.

"Whoa, OK we're going this way.' Podi's sleeve was released and he rearmed himself with his rifle. As he did so he noticed a creature loping to wards him, screeching all the way.
'Heads up!" Podi recoiled his rifle as the blast found its way out of the gun and the creature was sent spinning. By sheer luck it hit the wall and kept spinning in the direction it was leaping.

Dodging around another leaping creature with the fast reaction of rising her weapon Kristina chose another direction. She wiped out a tricorder from her belt and followed its lead to wards another way out.
Oddly it also read also read huge power source as well as several potential exit points. Firing another accurate shot she looked up choosing between certain death and a little investigation. A spine tingling howl reached her ears from one of the many directions that lay out before them.
Then she chose to follow the power source, intrigued.
Obediently the rest of the team followed her into the unknown.

With many years of practise Jorvin had near excellent precision with his weapons. The creatures were falling left and right. He stepped up next to Krissy and helped her clear a path.

In the rear Henk was having the time of his life. Every creature that charge against him laid dead on the floor. As the rest of the team took another route Henk looked around confused realising they weren't going the route they had taken early.
"Where are we going?"Henk asked.

Within a few strides Henk found the answer he was looking for. Mason had lead them into a small chamber branching off the main paths and instantly found themselves staring in awe.
While the exterior of the temple was clearly in a state of ruin crumbling away, this small, cluttered room could have easily been found on any starship.
Computer consoles lined everyone of the four walls humming softly, trailing long lengths of thick cabling criss-crossed the floor. Standing proudly in the centre of the room shimmering, casting its strange blue hue upon the flustered faces of the team was a tall column that passed through the room into the one above.
Branching of the column were a series of pipes that carried the blue energy out in all directions. The room was pristinely clean and very clearly out of place among st the ancient temple.
Flickering her eyes over her tricorder Kristina stepped into the room gazing up at the giant upright of dancing light. This was the power source alright, and going by the readouts she was receiving it was massive, so massive it could field!
She lept over to a computer and frowned at the alien language for a moment, then turned to her team. "If I'm not mistaken this is the thing that is creating the damping field around the planet. If we can destroy it Genesis can beam everyone off the surface. Wesdon, Lake see if you can disable it. Captain, K'Tan hold that door we might need to make a fast exit if this thing blows, O'Brien can you understand any of these?" she guested to wards the computer consoles around her.

Henk looked at an console and then walked to another staring blankly at the screen.
“Well to be honest I haven't a clue, although would it better just to shut off the power?” Henk said will thinking deep. “Or it might be the self destruct button and blow us sky high,” miraculously he smirked.
Henk turned to Mason who was bravely trying some on controls on the consoles.
“If you want to play with the buttons, let me know. I will be outside when you do.”

Jorvin drew his rifle again and took up a defensive stance next to K'tan, silent but alert.

Running the tricorder over the console Mason barely head what Henk had said, she was transfixed upon the readings. Although the hand held device and the giant consoles appeared to be incompatible she was amazed when with the touch of a button it began to syphon information from the alien data bank.
As the data streamed through the team heard a deep rumbling sound within the confides of the underground maze. The small room trembled slightly showering them in falling dust.
Snapping straight Mason's eyes went wide. The charges, Commander Lorran had blown the charges with them still inside!
"Hurry everyone out!" she called mustering them out of the chamber and back into the dark corridors with only their torches illuminating their way. Last to leave Mason doubled back and drew the last charge from her belt, firmly she attached it to the energy column, armed the detonator and ran.

The corridor was narrowing quickly, the ceiling above bowing, the walls crumbling as piece by piece the temple was collapsing. Through the shower of boulders, toppling artifacts and thick dust the team raced along now longer harassed by the alien creatures who had vanishing into the thick darkness but they could hear their eerie cries.
The hurried journey was a blur of activity but in that Mason hit the appropriate switch on the tricorder and behind them her last charge exploded in a muffled boom.

While running Henk tried to remember the way out. He looked around and suddenly felt a cool breeze on his face.
"To the left." Henk yelled
Henk felt the fresh air against his face. They where almost out. Behind him a big block of stone came crashing down. Henk swallowed and began to run faster.

Jorvin ran as fast as he could beside Henk and the others. They just barely made it out of the temple as it came crashing down around them. Jorvin dived at Krissy, tackling her his momentum knocking them both out of the way of a boulder that was going to crush the security officer.

Scrambling back to feet Mason didn't miss a beat. She gave the Captain a quick pat on his giant shoulder before continuing on her way.
They were so close to the fresh air, the bright shine pouring through blinding them but filled them with hope.

Jorvin hopped up and ran alongside Krissy.

Bursting into the watery light Henk looked at the now ruined temple now leveled and pumping out great clouds of dust. They had made it, and making a quickly head count he saw everyone had made it out in more piece more or less.
Wearily, filthy and gasping for breath but a alive.

Panting heavily with her hands upon her knees Mason gazed over the destruction before them and immediacy thought of Beverly, Vos, Leanne and Kathy trapped beneath. Where they still alive? Would she have to take command?
She bit her lip temped to dive back into the rubble now everyone else was safe.

As if it knew of her dilemma her com badge crackled into life: "Genesis to away teams..."
Startled she hit a reply glad to hear another voice. "Mason here. Forget the report swapping six to beam up immediately."

"Aye Ma'am. Energizing."

Blissfully they arrived back onto homely ground, but it seemed there was pleasure in Paradise. As soon as she had materialised Mason could smell the unmistakable scent of smoke.
"Wesdon I want you to report to engineering I think they might need you expertise. Everyone with me," she lead them with a steady jog up to the bridge.
Stepping around Jackson she curtly ordered the team to the various stations; "Lake take the helm, K'Tan operations, Jorvin tactical and O'Brien." she paused. "Take the counselors seat," she indicated.
Next she swept over to the science station and spoke in low tones to the Vulcan residing there leaving Jackson looking bemused staring in horror at their physical condition.
"Mr Lake," Mason called striding down to wards him. "Are you reading life signs in the rubble?"

Jorvin took the tactical station as ordered. There wasn't much to do, but he made sure the tactical systems were operational after the damage they had sustained recently.

Mike waved a hand over the debris field. "I'm reading five distinct life signs, most of them are on the brink of death. But they're still alive."

"Excellent. Beam them all directly into sickbay. Petty Officer Keys," she called tapping her badge. "Prepare for incoming wounded."
"We have them Ma'am, I'll keep you informed." Keys signed off.
Breathing a sigh of relief Mason said softly to Lake. "Beam up the others and prepare to move us clear of this hell hole. Use these coordinates for Starbase 259"

Henk sat down in the chair indicated and crashed. His face fell in his hands and the dam that was holding back his tears for almost 3 weeks broke. While the tears where running down his cheeks he looked around. Finally he was save. He wanted to go back for revenge, and he got it. Now he could say goodbye to this place.

Mike swung around on the almost destroyed chair "I've got the co-ordinates, we're ready to go."

"K'Tan, prepare a warning buoy to deploy on our departure. Bridge to engineering. How's it looking down there Wesdon? What's our top speed?" Mason asked turnig upon her heel.

Podi rubbed his chin in thought. "Well, I'll need to do some more repairs but...I'll get back to you after the repairs when the number might get a bit larger. I'm thinking...well, it will definately be lower."

"Alright, prepare to engage once we have bought up the last of the teams and gear from the surface."

Finally sinking into the command chair Mason turned to Jackson giving her one short word that made the Lieutenant sag with exhaustion "Report."


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