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Meeting Sara

Posted on Tue Nov 23rd, 2010 @ 5:43pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: King's office

"Sir, we'll wrap things up here, I think you best head down to King's office before she sends security to get you." He meant it jokingly but the engineers around Lam prepared for an almighty backlash as she had been pushed so far already and the last two hours had seen the fusion reactor repaired. Lam simply looked down at the tools around her, her hands dirty from the oil, lubricant and general dirt across the station, "good call Lieutenant, let me know once things are wrapped up" her voice sounded scratchy as she hadn't slept for more than a few hours here and there for several days.

Her limbs ached and felt heavy, it seemed a herculean task just to stand and walk out of the room, 'this counselor best be quick' she thought as she leaned against the wall of the turbolift. She knew she couldn't sleep properly after seeing the Borg up close, the rest of the station seemed to be buzzing with excitement with the prospect of a new link to the Delta Quadrant, for her it just seemed like another job to add to an already long list.

Deanna was counting the minutes until Sara made her grand entrance to her office. She was ready to what awaits.

Sara strolled down the freshly repaired corridors of central core, before arriving at the counselors office and ringing the door chime and waiting for the inevitable introductions and endless psycho babble about what was wrong with her.

"Come," called Deanna.

As the door opened Lam was confronted by what seemed to her to be the atypical councillor, a female Betazoid woman. Sara had managed to have little in the way of contact with the woman, to her as a woman of science she didn't think very highly of such services, "Lieutenant, you wanted to have a chat?"

Deanna was still tired from the mission but she needed to start working with the crew. "Oh yeah. Welcome. Can you please sit down," showing Sara the couch she had in her office.

Sara smiled to herself, she knew the sofa was there, she had ordered it from the inventory and help unload the damn thing from the transport, if she knew the hassle it would cause she would have put it further down the list, "I'm fine thanks Lieutenant but lets try and keep this brief, I've got a station to repair and precious little time for it to be done."

"Suit yourself," said Deanna. "So how are you doing?"

"Fine, working hard and trying to keep on top of a team who are also working very hard." Lam was beginning to lose her nerve with the counsellor, she sat in her comfortable office and talked to people while she and her engineers toiled day after day, week after week to make sure the replicators and sonic showers worked, she was just looking forward to the day when it would be routine maintenance but that day seemed to be a while off.

"That is good, but how are you doing yourself," asked Deanna.

Lam's frustration grew as she realized she wasn't going to make this brief, "okay Lieutenant lets cut to the chase, yes I'm working long hours, haven't been sleeping well and frankly the fewer encounters I have with the Borg the better but I don't need someone to hold my hand and talk things over with, I have my friends for that." It wasn't her fault but she didn't need a wet behind the ears counselor trying psychology 101 on her.

Deanna tried to stay calm. "Commander, I am not here to be the bad guy. I do have a job here though. Maybe you don't think much of it, but my job is to make sure you and every other member of this station's emotional well being is taken care of."

"I appreciate that Lieutenant, but to me this is a waste of time, anyone can put on a show as soon as they walk through that door, the real people are out there, facing insurmountable tasks on a daily basis and working themselves to the bone, we all know what needs to be done and we'll make sure it happens!" The ire in her voice was clear, all Lam could think was how insular King seemed to be, an office was a place for private therapy not to get to know someone and least of all their inner most thoughts and feelings, "When the works done we'll party hard, then we'll all look back on this time each in our way, me however, I'd rather live for now and do my job, which unless you have anything else to add, I'll be getting back to?"

Deanna was used to members of the crew not willing to talk to her, but yet again she had ones that were wiling to talk to her. "I get it you hate counselors. You can go now," said Deanna Curtly.

Sara bit her lip, it was insubordination but instead of reacting she calmly walked out of the room, she knew her actions wouldn't win her any diplomatic awards but this wan't the time to be pulling punches, as the door closed Lam knew where her next stop ought to be so set off with purpose.


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