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Prophetic Gift

Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2010 @ 4:18am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Kasik Torr

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Habitat Ring - one-one-beta-zulu-three

Haqtaj held up her hand, stopping su suddenly that Brenari bumped into her. The two Security officers froze at her gesture. There was sounds of fighting up ahead, but not the normal sounds attributed to fighting Borg. There was a sort of high pitched hissing scream.

With a sudden jerk Brenari lightly touched the neural suppressant still attached to the base of her skull to ensure it was in place for the sudden, violent intrusion was so vivid it was like the device was now longer present.

"Ambassador," she gasped. "There's something else on the station, something even worse then the Borg. I can sense them even with a suppressant."

Haqtaj motioned one of the security to stay with the doctor while she and the other crept forward to scout.

Up ahead, but on the lower level, one of the civilian groups was moving hurriedly through the corridors. Two Starfleet officers lead the way, along with one Bajoran civilian with a phaser. Just behind them, Vedek Torr lead a frightened group of people from the station.

The leading starfleet officer glanced back to check on the group as he reached an intersection, meaning he was completely unprepared as a looming shape darted silently out of the side passage. As he looked back, the thing swung - swatting him aside like a rag-doll.

The group stared in shocked awe at the massive shape, as it loomed up over them. Four armed, with a muscular tail. Grey skinned. No mouth. Horrific, alien eyes.

The second starfleet officer pulled himself together first, raising his phaser rifle and firing. One shot hit, with little apparent affect. The creature weaved to the side with frightening speed, lunging forward and seizing the man by the head. He fired wildly for a moment until the thing dispatched him with a deft twist of the wrist.

Haqtaj tapped her Comm-Pin.

,'. Haqtaj to Anubis. Target an eight Photon spread on my position. NOW! ,'.

Tom said, "Aye, Ambassador."

Tom immediately targeted an 8 photon spread on the ambassador's position. He reported, "Ambassador. I have an eight photon spread targeted on your orders, Ambassador."

As the armed Bajoran raised his own weapon to fire, the creature slung the dead officer's body into him like a grisly Olympic hammer throw. The Bajoran was knocked back against the bulkhead behind, and a bright splash of red marked his passing.

Haqtaj turned to Brenari and the two security guards, "Hold on tight!"

,'. Fire! ,'.

By this time Brenari had sunken to the floor holding her head tightly in both hands. She hadn't been able to hear what Haqtaj had been discussing, so the sudden cry to hold on did compute. Luckily the security guards folded themselves over her rigid body creating a man made shield.

The creature turned it's malevolent gaze on the remaining terrified civilians, drawing up to it's full height.

Kasik stared at the thing, a sickening feeling washing over him. Even if he could reach one of the dropped phasers, it would do no good. He shut his eyes calmly.

I'm willing to go now if you want me, he prayed silently. But if not... I could really use some help right now.

It is lucky that he had his eyes closed. Even so the searing light stabbed at his iris. Behind the giant creature the wall of the station turned to white light and flame as the eight torpedoes tore through the shielding and bulkhead. The wave of flame and noise rushed forward to engulf everyone, but before it even reached the creature the station wall evaporated and the area was exposed to hard vacuum.

Sound needs a medium to travel through. In eerie silence the flame feel away from Kasik carrying everything with it. The grey-skinned creature was lifted and spun into space, the bodies of the dead along with it. Kasik felt himself flying as he too lifted from the deck and spun towards eternity. There was a strange feeling in the near airlessness as gravity and the pressure of the air around him fought.

He felt himself falling into the black, cold void, knowing nothing could live out there.

That's when the SIF kicked in. He hit the force field hard, and was repelled with a loud crackle of energy. He landed on the floor clumsily, with enough force to bruise and wind him. A moment latter several of the civilians who had also not yet reached the gaping wound in the hull skidded along the floor and into him.

Something heavy landed on the floor and ran towards them. The stunned civilians saw a giant Klingon in battle armour rushing at them and drawing her Bat'leth. With a heavy, double handed swing she brought it down next to the dazed Vedek's head.

The civilians turned to see the severed hand of the creature. It had somehow managed to cling to the station and had been trying to get back in. Now it floated, writhing, as it spun away into space. With a flick of her sword the Klingon sent the arm into space after it.

Only barely aware of what had taken place and coughing to get his breath back, Kasik rolled onto his back, facing the roof.

"Thanks!" he gasped as a hasty prayer.

"You're welcome," Haqtaj replied pulling hard on her Batleth to bring it back out of the Structural Integrity Field which was supposed to stop physical objects and gasses passing through. It is one thing to force a weapon through while the field isn't entirely established. It is another altogether to get it out again afterwards.

Kasik opened his eyes properly and blinked. His vision was blurred by the decompression, and the corridor was filled with acrid smoke from the photon detonation. But there was no missing the looming silhouette of the armed warrior.

"You're... taller than I expected!"

Haqtaj held out her hand and pulled the man to his feet, "I get that a lot."

She turned to look back at Brenari and the two Starfleet security officers on the upper level, "We need to get these civilians to safety, but we also need to alert command about the presence of Species 8472 on the station."

She glanced at the missing section of wall, "And probably mention a repair bill..."

Kasik blinked. He didn't go to many starfleet security briefings.

"Species 84...what?"


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