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Battlefront Gathering

Posted on Tue Aug 17th, 2010 @ 8:21pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

With the teams having returned from the Cube and the Security teams already in search of the invading force, Beverly had chosen this moment to gather the ranking officers within the arriving fleet and within the local attachment. In many regards it was a sorry group, each one having been pushed far in excess of the stress levels commonly handled by most Commanding Officers. Commander Alekseev, a fairly unknown to Beverly had taken a seat at the mid point of the table looking slightly less haggard than most. Commodore Varal, still looking as serene as all Vulcan's. Captain Navek still looking pale after the encounter on the Cube and a Captain Zor Romano, one of the fleet Commanding Officers. He also was a fair unknown to her, but he seemed to be energetic enough in his opinions.
"Where do we currently stand?", she asked, settling back into her seat, finally feeling how weary her joints and muscles were feeling.

Varal was sat at the Admiral's left hand side with Romaro beyond him, "Admiral, the Cube appears to be regenerating, with the seven vessels at our disposal we should be able to destroy it if need be but I estimate that within forty one hours its defensive systems will be sufficient to repel a direct attack." The various officers listened as the Vulcan stated the situation in a matter of fact way, the potential threat was clear to all although the technological advances that could be gleaned from an active Borg Cube had to be considered, "if you wish to investigate the Cube I would recommend doing so as quickly as possible the Borg are a force we must treat with caution at all times. That said all vessels are combat ready and at Red Alert Admiral."

Tal nodded "Admiral, with your permission I'd like to take a small team and return to the cube if possible. If what the Commodore is saying is true, than we need to gather as much intel as possible, before this thing is back on its feet." He slid a padd in her direction "My goal is to gain access to the Borg vinculum. Drones are separating themselves from the collective, and the information stored in that thing might have the answers. Those answers could be turned into an effective solution to the Borg problem." He paused "Or we could find nothing. Well nothing except angry aliens and damaged Borg." He instinctively placed a hand over where the scars on his face had been only hours before "All in all though, I think it's worth the risk. A five man team is all I need."

Beverly nodded, understanding were Navek was coming from. The Cube was like the proverbial carrot hanging in front of the donkey with each and everyone of its systems being worth more to the Federation than Gold Pressed Latinum to the Ferengi.
"Get your team together Captain. I want a simple in and out mission". Next her mind went to the Drone they now had unconscious in the Infirmary. "Any news on our guest?"

"None yet." Navek replied "We're a forcefield for the moment. The Doc has been too busy attending to our own wounded to give it a look over."

"Have we been able to ascertain if the drone is still connected to the collective? If not we may be able to glean some information regarding their original mission" queried Varal, the encounter with Species 8472 indicated some sort of ulterior motive from either of the parties.

"As I said, no one has really done anything with it yet, aside from locking it up. I was going to have Commander Lam question the drone when she's got a chance." Tal replied

"Then i would suggest you ensure it is not trying to establish contact with the Cube Captain, even a single drone is capable of disrupting your vessels systems or perhaps worse. I would suggest placing in a level 8 quarantine field with subspace field suppressors to ensure no signals can be made" there was no irritation in his voice but the tone did seem scathing, for a Vulcan at least. Such lapses in basic security were the types of weaknesses the Borg could easily exploit and there was no time to stand on pleasantries.

"Agreed", the Admiral had never worked with Commodore Varal directly before, but she was seeing that he was defiantly on the same wavelength as she. "I want you over to the cube as soon as possible Captain. As I said, in and out, nothing fancy". Next she turned her attention to Commodore Varal. "Could I impose on you to work with Commander lam and Doctor Brenari until Doctor Ulonova returns and see what information you can gleam from the Drone guest we have in the infirmary".

"Of course Admiral" replied Varal with a quick nod, he had heard much about DeVuor as she had been a rising star within Starfleet Command, she was methodical in her approach and when a logical course of action was clear then she was quick to action, a trait he very much admired.

"Commander Alekseev, can I ask you to bolster the defense line around DS7... just incase our Borg friends out there decide to turn this into a turkey shoot!"
With a final look around the room and a nod of acknowledgment at the assigned tasks she finally called, "Unless there is anything else, Dismissed!"


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