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No Man's Land

Posted on Sat Aug 28th, 2010 @ 9:39pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Ramol Lussot & Kasik Torr

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: USS Anubis, Transporter Room

===Anubis Transporter Room===

Navek waited patiently as the team he assembled gathered in the transporter room. He hadn't yet told them, aside from Jrez, what they would be doing, so he expected some hesitation.

Jrez checked his equipment then checked it again while he waited. He needed something to take his mind off what he was about to do because each passing moment allowed doubts to surface and torment him.

Fletcher was the next to arrive, holstering his medical tricorder and checking over his hand held phaser like a trained veteran. In many ways it was a saddening fact that he could strip of phaser down and then put it back together, he was after all a man of medicine, a healer. It was the last thing from his mind to inflict harm.
He nodded to the Captain as he entered the room and took his place near the rear of the group.

Having only recently transported aboard the Anubis from Roark Nor, Ramol Lussot strode into the transporter room, his standard-issue Cardassian phaser rifle slung over one shoulder, and pistol holstered at his hip. He wore an expression of blank determanism. "Before you raise any objections, Captain Navek, you need to know that I am going on this away mission. I know it isn't standard Federation policy to take an ambassador into a hostile situation, but I am a soldier of the Union first"

"Indeed" Navek replied "Just try not to get killed. The last thing I need is a Cardassian Ambassador getting killed under my watch."

===Anubis Bridge===

,'. Haqtaj to Anubis. I have six civilians at my position as well as myself and three Starfleet officers. We are cut off from the shelters. Can you effect a beam out? ,'.

Chief Petty Officer Gilbert Orias was manning the ops station as the message came in. Without replying he simply targeted the seven member team, and transported them onboard.

===Anubis Transporter Room===

Tal was startled by the transporters activation, but was relieved when he saw that neither looming aliens or Borg drones were beaming onboard. "Seems you've been in a bit of a mess my Klingon friend" He said as Haqtaj stepped down from the transporter.

Haqtaj stepped of the platform. The standard transporter platform only takes 6 people so the civilians with Kasik Torr had come through first. She nodded to Dr Brenari and the two security officers that came with her, "Take the Civilians to safe quarters and give them a check over. Exposure to the vacume can have detrimental effects."

Since when did the ambassador become suddenly well medically informed? Brenari thought as she stepped down from the pad with shaking knees. Her head was still reeling, the suppressant had becoming dislodged in the assault allowing her mind to become overwhelmed once more. The Doctor was finding simple tasks such as walking and talking a challenge. Numbly she nodded to the security team to escort the civilians while she collected herself.

Everything was running wild. The entire population of the station was still in panic mode with the cube handing in the air. Surprisingly even over the rampant species 8742 upon the station she could sense some flickering pools of life from the cube itself. That had never happened before.

Brenari let loose a sigh following behind reminding herself that the care of these civilians came before her own needs, as desperate as they felt.

She felt a hand on her arm. It was one of the civilians from the station - a Bajoran.

"Are you alright?" he asked gently.

It took her a moment to realise it was the Vedek from the Bajoran temple, dressed in casual gear. He looked somewhat ruffled himself - rather flushed from his brush with the vacuum of space - but he was still steady on his feet.

"I...I've been better." The Doctor tried to smile weakly.

"Yeah... you looked just a touch wobbly for a moment there," He replied with an understanding look. "Tell you what... I'm doing pretty well for now, but in a little while the last half hour is going to start sinking in. So how about I get you to sickbay, and you take over from there when I start to get the shakes?"

The comment made her chuckle and for a short while forget the difficulites around them. "That sounds like an idea," she smirked.

Haqtaj then turned back to Captain Navek and his armed party, "It seems like I am not the only one who has been finding trouble. What have I missed?"

"Borg drones, deadly aliens, the usual." Tal replied "We were just about to head back to the cube to finish our business over there. Want to join us?"

Haqtaj spun her Bat'leth to check it had not been damaged, then stepped back onto the platform, "Try and stop me, Navek."

Jrez leaned towards Matlh. “I’m surprised Vartog isn’t here with you,” he said.

Haqtaj nodded, "He will be disappointed to have missed this fight. He has not yet returned from leave he took before SB 611 was destroyed. Hith any luck he will arrive in the next few days. We should make sure he doesn't mis the destruction of two stations in his absence."

Navek chuckled at the Klingon's remark "Trust me, I don't intend to." The crowd that was gathered was larger than he was hoping for, but regardless they needed to move soon if they were to have any shot at success.

"Alright everyone listen up. We're about to head back over to the cube. The last time anyone was over there, we were getting torn to shreds by the aliens attacking the cube from the inside, so we can expect that things are the same, if not worse. We have two very specific objectives. Objective one will be to locate and download any data we can from the Cube's vinculum. After we've gotten what we need, we'll place charges and blow that thing to high hell. Objective two, will be to rescue the remaining liberated drones we came into contact with earlier. Each objective has its own unique challenges, but regardless we are to limit our time in the cube to no more than ten minutes. Whether we've completed the objectives or not, after ten minutes we're beaming out." Tal turned to Jrez "Chief, I'm assigning Ensign Jackson as your escort. Are there any others you wish to accompany you before we head off?"

“No one else, Sir,” Jrez replied. “I only need someone to watch my back while I work.”

"Very well. The rest of you are with me. Objective one team, step up on the transporter. We'll be heading in first." Tal said as he made his way to his spot on the transporter. He made sure to bring his knife with him this time, so as to avoid a repeat of his last trip to the cube.

While the first team prepared to beam out, Jrez unslung his rifle and handed it across to Jackson. “You’ll be much better with this than me.”

The ensign nodded as he took the rifle from the Chief "Lets just hope I don't have to use it."

Jrez gave him a quick rundown on what it was and when to use it.

Haqtaj glanced at Tal, "Forgive me, Captain, but which team did you wish me to help? The data retrieval or the extraction team?"

"Everyone except Ensign Jackson is coming with me for the data retrieval." He replied

Haqtaj nods, does a quick check of her weapons and steps onto the plate, already crouched in a fighting stance.

As the majority of the group stepped up on the pad, Tal remembered one more important detail "One more thing. Though the drone are occupied with fending of their alien foes, do not let them touch you. The best thing you can do for anyone here if they are give them a quick death." He then nodded to the transporter chief "Energize."



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