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The Great Escape [Part 1]

Posted on Sun Aug 22nd, 2010 @ 8:44am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Planet side

Leanne was starting to get out of breath as she ran down the corridors of the broken cube. So many things were running through her head that she couldn't keep everything straight, the borg, the Latanna aliens, the mission to shut everything down. Suddenly, from around a corner, a drone appeared and knocked the doctor off of her feet with a wide swing of its arm. The Borgs cold dead eyes looked down at her without mercy, without remorse, and with a mission in its eyes. The clanking of several more could be heard coming down the corridor that this one had appeared.

"Crap," Shire muttered raising her rifle in a flash firing at the drone that stood over Commander Ulonova. It shuddered before toppling over, defeated. However the sound of footfalls grew louder marking the arrival of several other drones drawn in by the sound of fire.

Yanking Leanne to her feet Shire nudged the woman on ward glancing to check Shannon was following closely. "Commander, we need to leave, now." Shire insisted.

During the commotion Shannon had stopped briefly, fear and panic the only thing she could think of until the sensation of being watched overtook her. She spun on the spot, searching the dark corridors for some sign of what was out there, but all that met her gaze was the dull glow of green from the Borg technology, or just plain darkness.

As she turned back, a deep, low growl permeated the air making the small hairs on the back of her neck stand on end and every single muscle in her body tensed. The gently tickle of breath on the back of her neck could be felt and a small, terrified noise escaped her mouth as a searing pain erupted through her stomach, white hot in intensity and blinding in ferocity. Suddenly the panic was replaced with a desire to reclaim her internal organs, as one by one they slipped from the gaping wound in her midsection.

The scream caused the other two women to turn instantly, scenting a stench of blood that tainted the air above all of the other terrors.
Even without any medical knowledge Shire knew the prognosis's for Shannon wasn't promising - but it left a more chilling question: what caused her fatal wound?

Watching the impaled woman, Leanne knew that she had very little chance of surviving. If this happened back in sick bay, she would only have a fifty percent chance of living. Down here, in the maw of madness it was bleak. Leanne fired her phaser at two more drones that were quickly approaching, hitting them in the chest and knocking them to the ground in a shower of sparks. Moving over quickly to Shannon, she knelt down and quickly inspected the wound. The woman was bleeding out profusely. She could hear the skittering of something above her and running back down the hallway. "They are here." She looked at Shire with wide eyes and had turned ghostly white. "We need to go.. now..." The doctor took off her uniform top and wrapped it around Shannon's midsection to try and hold off the bleeding and threw the woman's arm over her shoulder.

Deanna followed and ran with Leanna until they ran into more drones that were attacking. Deanna took cover and fired.

Bravely Shire lead the way turning sharply in the gloom to avoid the oncoming storm of drones. Behind her could hear King's covering fire, it was going to be matter of time before the pitch altered and their weapon fire despite the modifications would be adapted by the Borg and made useless.

Fingers of sunlight were starting to appear through the cracked hull of the sphere when that moment came. Only it was Shire's weapon that failed to make an impression. With escape so close Shire knew diverting their route would lead them in the opposite direction, so acted upon instinct. She smashed the approaching drone with the butt of the rifle and pushed on word, striding over the fallen drone.
A quick glance over her shoulder confirmed that Leanne and Deanna were following closely behind, so too were the other drone. Striding on Helen felt something pulling at her ankle slowing her to a stop. Looking down she felt the blood drain from her face - the drone she had felled was clinging onto her ankle!

Deanna saw the drone clinging to Shire's ankle. She fired at it and nothing happened. She fired a couple more shots and nothing. She changed the frequency and fired and it finally let go.

Deanna called. "Lets get the hell out of here."

Shannon tried, forced even to get her body to respond, but everything was falling dark. Despite the streams of light cascading in through the breaches in the hull of the downed sphere, it was like walking through a room as dusk approached. Walking through jets of darkest light, as if on a proscenium march to the gates of Olympus to be with the gods.

She could see the trouble befalling them in front, and could feel Leanne move forward leaving her to fend for herself, yet nothing was all she felt. Still clinging to her mortal wound, trying to hold her body together with her fingers, but all the energy had drained from her. She felt cold.
With a dull thud, she came to the floor, motionless, the last few vestiges of breath leaving her body. The last thing she saw was a muscular being with grey leather skin, yellow eyes and claws that were stained with Human blood pulled itself along the ceiling towards the other members of the party, and then darkness fell eternal.


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