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The Drone To Be Continued

Posted on Sun Sep 5th, 2010 @ 9:03am by

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: DS7 Infirmary


The drone had been moved to a secure facility aboard DS7, the Anubis rejoining the make shift battle group as Captain Navek led a small away team back to the Cube. Varal had gathered what equipment he could to examine their visitor, the drone seemed to stare endlessly into space, there had been no attempts at escape or communication so far as they could tell. Turning from the monitor he looked at the officers who had joined his small team, "What have you been able to ascertain about our guest?"

Ayira Ntombi moved around the surgical bed in the center of the room running a hand held scanner over the motionless Drone before them. Her readings were flucutaing on all counts as the severence from the collective had started a chain reaction in all of her biological systems and they were starting to try and take over the regulation of the Betazoid part of her and a conflict was now brewing on the horizon within her.
"Its not going to be long before her biologocal systems are reawakened... This could pose a problem!"
A thick South African accept made her voice sound even more lilting that it actual was.

Viola slowly walked into sickbay. Her eyes where focused onto the drone. This was het first day on the job with security and now she was ordererd to guard this drone.
"It's not alive is it?" she asked with some fear in her voice.

"I hope it is, this drone was once a Federation citizen and if possible we will help her to regain her individuality" replied Varal in response to Viola's query before turning to Ntombi, "what issues are we likely to encounter with the emergence of her biological systems?" While he was an expert on the technological side, medicine however was very different though.

Arriving quietly behind the team came DS7's primary surgeon Annabella Brenari still feeling rather exposed and unsteady from the run in with Species 8742. She had heard that Fletcher had rescued a drone that appeared to have been severed from the collective, and despite the security risks the Doctor was curious.
"That, I think sir would depend upon the strength of the character." She said thoughtfully stepping closer to the gathered group. "Aside from the rejection of the implants and mental struggles of adapting back to individuality. We've all read the reports of Voyager and Seven of Nine and the success that followed - we may not be as lucky here."

She watched the immobile and unresponsive drone with scrutiny hunting for any sort of spark beneath the layers of metal and coldness.

"Doctor!"Ayira moved around with tricorder in hand to come and stand next to her superior. "I've completed a full run of cortical and respiratory scans... The Drone's own immune system is starting to reassert itself and I'm getting signs that some of the implants are already showing signs of rejection!".

"Do whatever you need to stabilise its condition, I will advise the Admiral and see if we have had been able to identify this person." It wasn't that he was uncomfortable but Varal seemed oddly useless in the current situation, there was however much to be done once the drone's condition was stabilised, "keep me apprised of any changes."

Ayira moved around the biobed with the Drone that was still staring towards the ceiling, its face remained blank and void of any indication of life... Or did it? Something in its eyes were alive with a spark of something that reminded her of sentience.
"Doctor Brenari... I'm still reading some unusual cortical and neural fluctuations!"

Viola hand glided towards her phaser when se heard that phrase. Het other hand wne tto her comebadge.
"Viola to security, need another team here ASAP. fully armed for a Borg encounter."
She made her way towards the bed and looked at the drone.
"Is there a chance she is gonna wake up and start reacting like Seven of NIne did when se was on Voyager in the beginning?"

Annabella too had found herself becoming drawn in by the apparent lifelessness of the drone, her own senses although rattled where able to pick out mixed sensations coming from the female. Confusion, betrayal, anger and pain, swirling together like a dangerous cocktail. She wondered how long that look of calm would remain before the tide turned.
"I don't think will be quite necessary Lieutenant," the Doctor said softly. "There is however every chance she may react violently but not if we are able to control the situation."

Brenari gently lifted the tricorder from Ayira to understanding the readings for herself. "Alright, we need to stabilize her swiftly and remove those implants that are showing sign of rejection."

"I rather have to much firepower then to a little bit to little." viola said as she backed away. "When she is no threat to this base I will let the security leave."

As Varal filed his report to DeVuor he turned back to the viewer of the situational control room situated adjacent to the Infirmary before tapping the comm panel, "I will be monitoring your progress from here, do not concern yourself with security at the present, if the situation deteriorates I will beam the drone into space." The officers standing in the room looked shiftily at each other, knowing full well that if they couldn't save the Betazoid then she would die one way or another.

The young African Doctor circled around the Biobed one more time, running the hand scanner over the drone as she went. "Its getting no better Sir!", she flashed the small handheld device at the senior Doctor in the room, allowing Brenari the last flush of data she needed to be able to make her decision.

Stunned at Varal's approach Brenari took one last long, deceive look at the readings from Ntombi before taking what she hoped was a suitable corrective action. However the words never formed as her Betazoid senses suddenly became highlighted by a spark of life from the done an instant before it moved.

Charred, broken and unstable with its inability to understand coherently its surrounding the drone sat bolt up right, its face crinkling into a mask of horror, pain and utter bewilderment. The singular working eye, however told much different story - fear.
"Where are the others, why can I not hear the collective?" Then with a sharper tone she turned to the medical staff: "What have you done to me?"


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