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The Great Escape [Part 2]

Posted on Thu Sep 9th, 2010 @ 9:40pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Borg Cube

Leanne dragged the now lifeless body of Shannon out into the dimming light of the outside. This couldn't be happening, this whole event had gone terribly wrong. Fernandez was standing there waiting for them, with his back against the cube and firing off into the jungle ruins.

"Commander, the damn things are coming out of no where! I, I think I've killed a few of them but they are the ugliest damn things I've ever since." He took another puff off of his cigar and fired at something moving out in the bushes.

Leanne looked at Shire. "Seal that hole, lock the drones in there till we can figure out what the hell is going on." The doctor grabbed her tricorder and scanned the science officer that had been torn apart.

"There wasn't anything I could have done for you, even if we where back on Roark." Ulonova moved her hand over the woman's eyes, hiding the last signs of panic and fear that shone through the dead eyes.

Shire nodded stiffly at the order and extracted a set of explosives from her pack and attached them around the perimeter to the entrance.
A muffled boom followed shortly after and a cascaded of debris blocking the drones escape. As the last few pieces feel into place Helen suddenly realized the other important factor that Fernandez wasn't firing toward the Borg ship but into the forest!
What is she hadn't imagined the shadow in the sphere? And since when did Borg drones inflict such visions wounds over the choice to assimilate? The hairs upon Helen's neck stood on end.

Deanna wanted to get out of there, but they were there fighting these drones. "Let get out of here, before more come calling," said Deanna.

"Agree. Fernandez, grab Shannon, we are going to try and make it back to the beam in point, we are still to close to the core to beam out. Damned if we do damned if we don't." Leanne pulled out her phaser and motioned for Fernandez to hurry it up.

"But she's dead boss, we are all dead.." Fernandez started laughing as he fired at something in the jungle which then let out a blood curdling scream

"I don't care we aren't leaving her." Leanne scowled and looked at Fernandez. "Shire bring up the rear, Deanna in the middle with Fernandez, I'll take point. We need to get to the beam out site before it gets pitch black." With that Leanne started to head out into the jungle back towards the beam out.

Deanna followed Leanne and started firing as they went through and took cover. Everything seemed like it went in slow motion as they did. Deanna felt something on her leg. It was a drone taking hold of it. "Help," called Deanna.

Rather unprofessionally Shire was swatting the large human size leaf from her face before she realized King was in trouble. Hurriedly she blasted door like hole in the leathery leaf and pelted to King's side. The rifle fire was ineffective against the drone, but that didn't stop her as Shire still running slammed into the side of the drone carrying them both - King included into a tumble toward the thicket.

The viscous sickly yellow saliva like production of the creature slipped down its fangs with the anticipation of ripping into flesh and tasting the warm life's blood of a sentient being. It had been many years since its Queen had allowed it out into the world to hunt, and now it savored the moment as it watched the small, weak and pathetic beings scramble for safety.
Silently, concealed in the shadows of the Forrest it followed them, waiting for its moment to strike and fell the abominations.

With a roar from Helen's throat she hauled the drone from King and struck heavily with her rifle at its head to disable her foe. The landed three blows before with a mechanical twang the drone caught her weapon in its tight gasp and tossed it into the growth.

"Thank You," said Deanna.

Startled Shire watched it sail into the gloom, cutting a deep swath through the trees at it slipped into the night. Her eyes however did not return to the advancing drone, they remained focused upon something disturbed in the trees. Another creature, almost ape like watching the fray unfold with hungry eyes if only it had them.

"Oh, no," Shire muttered. "King, come on we'll leaving right now!" Helen shouted to her comrade pulling the hand phaser from its holster and firing with renewed energy at the Borg whom was oblivious to the new threat. Miraculously the rain from the hand phaser still, then felled the drone.
Choosing not to ponder the reasoning behind their stroke of luck Shire pulled King roughly to her feet and the two officers ran through the thicket toward Ulonova.

"Shire to Ulonova," Helen puffed keying her comm. "There'll following us!"

"Our only hope is to get to the beam out spot, then nuke the whole area from orbit, it is the only way to be sure. According to my tricorder we are about 40 meters north of your position Fernandez and I will hunker down till you get here." Leanne turned as Fernandez stopped behind her, still carrying the body of their fallen comrade.

From up in the trees, Leanne heard a growling and pulled out her phaser. "Fernandez, was that you?"

"This is so fubar.... wait.... do you here that?" Fernandez put Shannons body down and swung his phaser rifle around, looking out into the jungle.

"I think something is out there.." Leanne aimed her phaser at nothing in particular but it did make her feel better.

"God, I think everyone is hearing things here," said Deanna. "Come on lets run for it."

Leanne watched as the other two caught up with her and Fernandez. The jungle seemed to be lashing out at them, trying to grip them, hold them there. After a few moments of frantic moving, they made it back to the beam out site and hit her communicator.

"This is Ulonova to Roark, come in." Leanne looked up towards the sky in hope that it would make a difference.

"I've got a bad feeling about this..." Fernandez laid the body of their fallen comrade on the ground and aimed his rifle into the trees. "It feels like there are a million pairs of eyes watching us."

The activity had drawn her out and the anticipation of feasting of warm flesh and fresh blood more than she could bare. Yet she moved with ease through the undergrowth as if she was meant to be there.
'Don't let them escape', she called to her children with the force of her mind.

"There is something out there," said Deanna. She sensed that they were in danger.


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