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Rescue mission

Posted on Wed Sep 1st, 2010 @ 4:45am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Borg Cube

The corridor was empty. Jrez pulled out his tricorder. “Damn!” He turned to Jackson. “We’re one level down from where we need to be. We’ll have to climb. Can you see an access port?”

"Aye, looks like theres one about half a meter down the corridor here." Jackson replied

Jrez pulled off the cover and squeezed through. The shaft fell away so far below him that he could not see the bottom. A wave of vertigo washed through him, sending a violent shiver from head to toe. He gripped the ladder rungs tight and pulled himself through. One foot found a rung then another. He drew a deep breath.

Looking neither up nor down, he forced himself to climb. He prayed there wasn’t a drone coming down or – worse – a Species 8472. There was no way he’d be able to fight them off and it would provide scant satisfaction knowing they lay dead at the bottom of the shaft if he was dead alongside them.

As he climbed his hands became clammy with sweat. At one point he slipped. He grabbed desperately and managed to cling on before he crashed into Jackson. He pulled himself back up and kept on going; his jaw set, his teeth clenched in concentration. It seemed to take hours but eventually he reached the next level. He wrapped one arm firmly around a rung and, with his free hand, somehow managed to get the access port off. He slithered out and lay on solid decking, panting with relief.

"You OK, Chief?" Jackson asked with mild sarcasm. He had never seen someone fall down a ladder like that before.

When Jackson had emerged, Jrez hauled himself upright and pulled his tricorder back out. “Down there and around the corner,” he said, pointing down a corridor that ran off about 45° to their right.

The young Ensign nodded, and brought his weapon to a stance where it would be easily accessible if needed. He had yet to fire one of these, and was hoping that time wouldn't come.

The drone in front of them turned as they approached. It was – or, at least, it once had been – Vulcan. When it saw them it held it’s hands wide in a very un-Borg like action.

“T’Par, I presume,” Jrez said.

The Vulcan woman nodded. “This is Noru. Cornwallis is on Level Seventeen. He has found more rogues.”

“There are more scattered about the Cube,” Noru said, “and more come ‘off-line’ by the minute.” She reached out to a panel next to her.

Jackson quickly raised his rifle, ready to fire should the drone try anything tricky.

“I only mean to show you where I have located more rogues.”

Jrez gave Jackson an understanding nod. He was feeling jumpy too. He stepped over to see the display Noru brought up.

“These white blinking dots are rogues,” she explained. “You will see we are still in the.... This group here,” she said in alarm. “They’re drones and they’re coming this way!”

"As much as I sympathize with your friends, I think we've overstayed our welcome," Jackson replied. "Chief, we need to get to a less shielded part of the ship, we'll be able to beam out from there."

Jrez hesitated - these were sentient beings and they should be rescuing them but....

“Jackson has a rifle which fires a dart into a drone,” he told T’Par. “That dart contains a virus which will sever the drone from the Collective, but.... T’Par, there’s no way he can take down the number of drones who are approaching. We have to get out of here.”

“You have phasers,” Noru pointed out.

"Which will get us three, maybe four shots at best. I...." He was cut off by the sound of Captain Navek's voice.

=/=Chief, Ensign, we're out of time. My team is already back aboard the Anubis. The cube is preparing to activate its transwarp drive, we're getting you out of there. Prepare for transport.=/=

=/=We’re heading to a less shielded place. We’ll be about a minute.=/=

=/=Chief, we can't get a solid lock on you, the shields are too strong in your area. We're detecting an area of lower shielding about thirty meters down the corridor you're in. You've got less than two minutes. Move!=/=

Jackson nodded and took up point. The group began to run towards their exit point, as well as they could with two roguesin tow. They could hear the clanking footsteps of drones coming behind them, but luckily there were none in their path. Once they arrived, Jackson hit his comm badge =/=Anubis, we're here. Four to beam up.=/=

=/=Standby, thirty seconds is all we'll need.=/=

They could see drones rounding the corner. They all knew they would not have thirty seconds. Jackson acted, firing his rifle at the first three drones that appeared. They fell with ease, but more just kept coming. He continued to fire, advancing on them to keep them away from the Chief and the rogues. After two more fallen drones, they adapted to his phaser modulation. He knew he had no more options. Jackson turned to Jrez "It's been real fun, Chief. I sure hope those rogues were worth it." He moved even closer to the drones, turning his back on them and taking aim at a weakened support beam.

"No!" he yelled.

Jackson heard the Chief's words, but chose to ignore them by firing on the support beam. The beam collapsed, taking the Ensign, the drones behind him, and a good part of the corridor with him.

"NO!" His anguished cry faded as the transporter beam took him.


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