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Fight or Flight

Posted on Fri Sep 3rd, 2010 @ 10:14am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Ramol Lussot

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2


The mugginess onboard the cube was a sensation Tal would soon like to forget. "Alright everyone, stick close. We're about thirty meters away from the vinculum. Once we begin tapping into their systems, you can expect the Borg will consider us targets." He tapped his comm badge "Navek to Anubis. Start the clock. Regardless if we're back in ten minutes or not, after that time has passed you are cleared to engage the cube."

Sara nodded to tactical before looking back to the Borg cube on the viewscreen, "the clocks running Captain, we'll be standing by for you." The Admiral had ordered the small task group of ships to stand by to engage the cube, she knew the orders, they were clear, if the cube made a hostile move the Anubis and the other six ships were to engage it with everything they had.

"Lets go" Tal said, leading the way to a rather large open space in the center of the cube. The diamond shaped vinculum could be seen levitating on the only platform located above the cavernous space in the cube's center. "Try not to fall." Tal said with a chuckle in Lussot's direction. "Alright, form a perimeter. Once I start the download, I can't stop until we're done. Everyone ready?"

Commander Fletcher,or doctor Fletcher as he preferred to be called, stuck close to the Captain as combat was not his specialty. Tension filled his body and his knuckle's were turning white as he gripped the rifle he had been issued in one hand, while operating his tricorder with the other.
"I'm not detecting anything for the next twenty or so meters, beyond that the Borg are generating a dampening field that is blocking my scans!"

Haqtaj spun her blade in her hands to keep limber and moving, "Don't worry, Doctor. When they come you will know about it. Start your download, Captain."

"Alright, here goes nothing." He said, as he hit the button on the tricorder connected to the vinculum. The screen on the tricorder began to flash as it began downloading. For the first two minutes, nothing happened, leaving the team to believe they were safe. Soon after though, the tricorder began beeping, indicating that it had gone deeper into the vinculum. "Look!" Tal said, pointing to an alcove on the wall. Borg drones were beginning to disengage from their regeneration cycles and head towards the vinculum "Weapons at the ready. Try to shoot them off the bridges, it'll keep their chance of adapting down as we fire less shots!"

Fletcher crouched down, still dismayed that a man of Science as he was had still gained enough knowledge of war over the years to be able to fire a phaser with not just good aim, but the talent of a seasoned professional.
His first shot caught one Drone in the chest, and as it pinwheeled on the spot, its over sized armature crashed into another drone sending it over the rail of the gangway and plummeting to its death many feet below.

As the away team engaged the drones an alarms began to sound at the tactical stations of every ship in the small fleet, Lam received the news just like the other officers in command of the other ships, "Lam to away to away team, the cube is starting to modulate its shields, we could lose transporter lock if they come online, you may need to speed things up over there." There was a slight sense of panic in her voice when she started but as she moved back towards the command chair she regained her composure as she awaited their response.

The strength of Haqtaj's upswing lifted the heavy drone off it's feet and over the balistrade. She yelled over the communicator, "If the shields go up, we will just have to take them down again."

She turned to the Science officer near her who was doing an impressive job with his rifle, "Aim for the floor! If we can cut away some of their access bridges without tumbling the structure we will limit the spread of our defensive line. And the floor is less likelt to adapt."

Between shots, Tal was monitoring the data stream. The amount of information was astounding. Fleet positions, technology specifications, everything and anything they could imagine was right at their fingertips. If only they could just take the vinculum with them and study it in full, maybe then they would be able to find an end to the Borg. Not today though. The tricorder made several loud beeps, telling Tal it had maxed out its data capacity. The drones were coming closer, some of them beginning to adapt, a sure sign that they were in for trouble. "Alright we've done all we can here. Navek to Anubis, get us out of here!"

As the group backed into a close circle for beam out, Haqtaj glanced up at the vinculum., "I don't suppose anyone thought to bring any explosives?"

"Energising!" The operations officer was already standing by and at Lam's command beamed the away teams aboard again before spinning round to tactical, "shields up!" The away team was successfully back, so far so good, now all they had to do was deal with the Cube.



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