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Home Fires.

Posted on Thu Sep 2nd, 2010 @ 1:10pm by Lieutenant Commander Jack Daniels

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: St George

In the end the suspected eighty to a hundred prisoners was closer sixty, crammed into basic cargo modules with only the minimal sanitary and life support the whole scene was a nightmare. Inside his head Jack had images of the 20th century World Wars where prisoners and refugees would be crammed into small areas and at best forgotten and at worst tortured.

The sight had been heart breaking for everyone, but more so for Helen who'd spent all her time trying to help those who could be saved and those beyond it. For Jack the biggest shock had come when finding the Gorn equivalent of a food locker, inside where the remains of several Humans, butchered and hung up like slabs of meat ready for when one of the transports former crew had gotten hungry.

In the end due in part to the transports already poor performance and the damage inflicted to it in a bid to stop them from fleeing it took both crafts a week or more of traveling before coming across the USS Cairo. Finding the vessel was a welcome site as it allowed the hostages to be moved from their prison and into better facilities that could treat them, less welcoming was the news that Roark was under siege.

A single Borg cube, damaged but probably still a lethal threat, and a host of Species 8472. Starfleet was advising all ships to avoid the area while a counter strike was being planned and prepared, but we weren't prepared to wait that long.

So now here we are, all of us back in the St George pushing her engines even harder to make it back to the station in the hope we might be able to do something, anything to help turn the tide.


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