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A clandestine meeting

Posted on Fri Sep 3rd, 2010 @ 6:25am by Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2
Location: Starfleet Command, San francisco

A small room, dimly lit. Three occupants. Each has a name though it is not the name they were born with. None knows the real name of the other two. They only ever meet in this room. Outside it they have no contact with each other.

“Congratulations, Pierre on removing Aerleon and Mason from DS7.”

The one addressed as Pierre nodded.

“That was a smart move, packing them off to the Delta Quadrant. They can do all the harm they like there, it won’t affect Federation interests.”

Pierre smiled. It dind nothing to warm the atmosphere in the room. “Better yet, they think they initiated the transfer.”

“Yet we still have problems at DS7,” the third said. “Commander Jamieson put forward some logical arguments.”

“I agree, Magda. The situation needs further consideration. Apparently the Cube is to be blown out of space. The justification is that if it escapes through the transwarp conduit it will bring more Cubes to Federation space.”

“That conveniently gets rid of any evidence or inconvenient witnesses.”

“I’m told a Warrant Officer rescued two drones,” Pierre commented.

“I don’t think we can place much value in that.”

“Why not, Juan?”

Jaun held up a piece of paper. On it was a coded message but each one recognised the code. “That very same Warrant Officer has gone on record as dissenting in the Cube’s destruction.”

Pierre looked surprised – or, at least, Juan assumed it was surprise. It was hard to tell in the half-light. Magda showed no reaction but, then again, she never did. “Surely that is a good thing,” Pierre said.

“He did not do so for any reasons we might ascribe to. It was altruistic. He wanted to save more drones.”

“He what?”

“Yes, he apparently suffers from the Janeway Complex. He will need careful monitoring. As for the rogues he rescued, he fought tooth and nail to get permission to go after these two and – and this is significant – he only went after them then he bolted. I believe the tirade after he got back was all bluff. I think the rogues are his pets. After all,” he held up the sheet of paper again, “what self-respecting Trill would be so stupid as to challenge a Klingon, and an ambassador at that.”

“And he’s still alive?”

“Oh, he backed down as soon as his point was made.”

“You obviously do not believe in the sincerity of his position,” Magda commented.

“I gather it was all staged quite well but, no, not for a moment. There is, however, another drone in sickbay. I recommend that we have that drone sent here for ‘inspection’”


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