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Final battle?

Posted on Mon Sep 20th, 2010 @ 9:05am by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez & Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Battle Front. Season 2, Episode 2

USS Anubis

Tal tapped a button on the center console, opening a channel to other vessels =/="All ships, this is Captain Navek onboard the Anubis. We cannot let that cube escape, you are all cleared to fire at will."=/=

USS Phaeton

Varal nodded to his Executive Officer, Commander Walker, who was covering tactical, the ship was half crewed and mostly then by engineers, "all vessels, open fire, Wellington move to mobilisation point gamma, Sirius begin torpedo attack, pattern Sierra."

The Phaeton flanked by a pair of Task Force Seven's main line cruisers continued their volley fire of torpedoes, the cubes shields buckling under the sustained attack, multiple torpedoes striking the hull. "Fearless and Sacajawea are taking return fire, its sporadic but they are reporting casualties!" shouted Walker, Varal moved to stand beside the conn position, "helm move us into the cube's main line of fire, signal the Fearless to regroup with the Kiev."

USS Sacajawea

Zor had been sitting, staring at the immense black Cube hanging in space and reliving the horror of his planets demise almost one century ago. The sound of men women and children screaming and running in all directions as the lancing sickly green beams of the ships in orbit came spearing down to the surface. The sensation of blood on his forehead almost as real as if it was actually happening again.

He was roused from his rambling thoughts by the sound of Commodore Varal's voice over the fleet communication channel and instantly his mind cleared of everything but one thing. The chance to exact some revenge on the bastards that caused him and his people so much pain and suffering.
"Target that thing and fire!"

Deep Space Seven

Ops had fallen completely silent over the last hour as the remaining 8472 running around the station had been dealt with by the security teams and despite the heavy casualties they had been completely successful. Now though the fleet was hanging in space between the station and the Cube.
The stations weapons still were in the process of being refitted and many of the weapons systems were down, all she had were the original poloron beams that she could throw at it, but she intended to give all the station could offer.
"Once we have a clear firing solution, fire!"

Adam could barely contain his own fears as his fingers moved frantically over the controls trying to to slip up and incorrectly input a command.

"Firing phaser banks one, two, three and seven. Preparing a torpedo firing solution" Adam said wiping the sweat that had appeared on his forehead whether it was because of the heat or his own nervousness he didn't know.

"Torpedo bays three and five loaded. Firing now" he said firmly pressing several commands.

USS Phaeton

Disruptor blasts impacted against the Phaeton's shields but they were holding firm, the weapons fire seemed to be staggered almost as if distracted or indecisive, Varal moved to the left wing station, serving as the science post, where he began making some scans, "Varal to Anubis, the cubes regenerative systems appear to be malfunctioning, if we make concentrated attack we may be able to collapse one of their shields vectors!" his sentence was interrupted by a large explosion from the opposite side of the bridge, the shields had been breached, even half inoperable the cube was still putting up one heck of a fight, "can you confirm you have a pair of tricobalt devices in your inventory?"

Knowing full well the Anubis was carrying them Lam responded to the Commodore, he was new but relatively well known to most of the senior staff along the border as he had been a veteran officer of the region, "we sure do, two class five devices for demolitions."

"Very good, ready them both and set the yield to at least eighteen thousand teracochranes, I will ensure you have a chance to use them" Varal had moved back to the conn position to over see the fleet, the cube's fire seemed to be distracted however even now DS7 was drawing the occasion disruptor blast. "All vessels, form attack formation theta three, the Anubis will be in the hold position standing by with a pair of tricobalt devices, we must ensure they have a chance to use them!" As he finished the cube began to slow, the final power spikes showing it was about to generate a chroniton field, the last stage before creating a stable transwarp conduit.

USS Sacajawea

Romano was out of his chair and stalking across the bridge to stand next to his Bajoran tactical Officer. She was a stocky women, but still just as alluring as any other women of the species he had met.
"Fella... can you ramp up the deflector dish and hit those bastards with a nuetronic pulse... It might be enough to disable their Shield array!"

Her hands worked over the console faster than lightning as she fired off another volley of photon's as well as calculating the possibilities. "Its doubtful sir. We would need to generate a rotating frequency and we simply don't have the power to create the needed strength!"

Once more the deck pitched as the old Excelsior was hit broadside. Consoles on the bridge erupted into a mass of flames and optic cabling.
"Damage report!"

USS Anubis

"We're good to go Commander!" shouted Crewman Rann from the auxiliary tactical stations, Lam smiled with a quick nod back before looking back to the operations console, "Sacajawea is taking some serious hits, she's not going to last long at this rate!" Lam knew the rest of the fleet could hear her just as clearly as the rest of the Anubis Bridge crew could, as one the other vessels began blocking the lines of fire and doing their best to draw the cubes fire, "Anubis to Phaeton, tricobalt devices are ready, just give us a shot and we'll do the rest."

"Acknowledged Commander. Captain Romano whats your status?" enquired Varal as he circled to the tactical station seeing that further reinforcements were still some distance away.

USS Sacajawea

The bridge had turned into a scene from hell. Fire licked the walls of the bridge, consoles had erupted catapulting officers and their charred body's across the bridge and the smell of burnt flesh was rip.
"Sacajawea to fleet, we are running on Auxiliary power, impulse is offline. Maneuvering with Thrusters only".
The conn officer was banking the ship around, using the slow but reliable thrusters to move the ship as best they could out of range of the blast radius that would be created.
"Fire when ready... We'll be fine!"

USS Phaeton

As the image of the Sacajawea rolled out of the screen the image of the cube, Varal looked round to tactical, "all vessels, open fire!" With Phaser beams lancing out and torpedoes striking home the cube's shields were soon overwhelmed, the damage from its encounter with Species 8472 not yet fully repaired. It would be a battle that would go down in Federation history, the four reaming starships at the forefront of the battle line peeled off leaving the Anubis to take the final shot.

The two tricobalt devices streaked towards the unshielded hull of the cube, slamming into the super structure, moments later the cube exploding in a shower of flame and hull fragments, a massive shock wave rocking even DS7. Lam couldn't help but grin, they had done it, they had stopped the Borg, albeit the cube was badly damaged but it was still a huge relief, her train of though interrupted by a signal from the Admiral.

Beverly's visage appeared on the screen looking more haggard than she had mere minuets ago. Her hair had come loose and was now cascading around her cheeks. Her red hair looking similar to that of flames.
Our sensors are picking up a massive energy surge from the main reactor of what's left of the cube... Get your ships out of there, Commodore. The instability has also transfered to the Transwarp Gateway they have opened. It's pulling in the remains... Get your ships to safety!

USS Phaeton

"Acknowledged. Helm set course two one one, half impulse, engage when ready. Varal to Romano, will you make it out of the gravity well?" While he waited for the response he looked on as Walker stood by with the tractor beam having anticipated the Commodore's next request.

"We should already be clear Commodore", Romano's voice sounded strained over the comm link but before anything else could be said a blinding flash of light assaulted the visual sensors of all ships and the station as the remains of the Cube erupted into a mass of charged energy as the transwarp conduit pulled at them with all of its force.
"Commodore... My sensors are showing a unusual stability forming around the gravity well of the Conduit... Are you reading this?"

"Indeed, once the gravametric shear subsides we can gather some accurate readings about the conduit." Before he could continue the comm activated again leaving him to be thankful that he would soon be dealing with far less crew and far quieter times than he was currently experiencing.

=/=Commodore. This is Jrez. I’m in the Sickbay. T’Par thinks she knows how to destabilise that field effect around the gravity well.=/=

"Very good Chief, please gather what data you can, once the current danger has passed we can promptly review it." As the buffeting passed as the Phaeton moved out of the gravity well of the anomaly, Varal checking the status of the other ships as he retook his chair, the seat of power but recently sat upon rather infrequently.

=/=This is T’Par.=/= Her voice sounded slurred, like she’d been heavily sedated. =/=There is a failsafe in the...the Cube which has been activated. It beams the co...the co-ordinates of the Cube back to its Unimatrix. You need need to close the conduit. Even so, might be....=/=

=/=Jrez here. She’s weak. I’ll get the necessary information from her.=/=

A chill ran down Lam's spine, the message on the open comm sent a shiver down her spine, if the Borg Collective was alerted to the presence of an open conduit they would surely send forces to close it, a sense of foreboding doom seemed to hit her full on and from her hurried glances around the bridge she could tell others felt the same. Varal's voice snapping her back to her duties, =/=Understood Chief, utilise any resources you need to get us that information.=/=


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