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The Great Escape Pt3

Posted on Fri Oct 1st, 2010 @ 8:12pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King

Location: Planetside

Leanne continued to hit her comm badge but no avail. It must be the same phenomena that hampered their communications the first time. The commander looked around at the remaining people in the party. She still felt like something was watching them.

"Options?" The doctor didn't want a repeat of their prior experience.

"Ahh hell.. we just need to get out of here. I'm getting the serious creeps." Fernandez looked at Leanne with concern in his eye, the first time he had shown it since landing.

"Agreed, we need to stay alert and alive until rescued," Shire nodded curtly.

From out of one of the trees the thing she dreaded most pounced at Leanne. The creature from her nightmares was screaming down upon her in a fit of rage. Leanne froze in terror as Fernandez intercepted it before it got to her. He used his rifle to wrestle it to the ground. The black apelike monster was snarling at Fernandez, its sharp teeth glinting in the remaining light of the day. With unnatural force, it kicked off the security officer, and pounced on him ripping apart.

Lieutenant Shire stared in horror, fear immobilized her frame.

Leanne quickly grabbed the phaser rifle off of the ground, set it to vaporize and fired at the creature. As the energy hit the creature it let out a loud, deafening roar as it hit the ground, dead.

The doctor ran over to the fallen Fernandez and pushed the creature off of the now still body. A look of terror engulfed the dead mans face, his body eviscerated from the clawing of the creature. The doctor sat down on the ground, next to Fernandez and tapped her badge again. "Ulonova to Roark, come in." Tears had started to form in her eyes.

Deanna was speachless as to what just happened to where she could not move as she was in shock.

"Roak here," said the officer on the other side.

From within a thicket of ferns and smaller tree's she could see them, smell the fresh scent of spilled blood and savored the feeling of her own pumping blood at the prospect of being able to sink her own teeth into the soft flesh of the female that was leading the group of invaders. The urge to hold her still while she defeminized her, using her claws and teeth to remove all vestiges of the femininity she possessed.

She stepped from the thicket into the shadows of the small clearing and slowly began to move forward.

Struggling to avert her eyes from the bloody corpse that use to be Fernadez Helen Shire flinched at the swaying for the ferns causing the hairs upon the back of her neck to raise in alarm. She leveled her rifle while Leanne continued to soeak to the station.

"5 to beam up and make it quick." Leanne's eyes were fixed on the creature slowly moving towards them. This wasn't one of the common monsters she had seen."

"Sorry commander, we are still getting heavy interference, it is going to take a few minutes to get a good lock on you." The voice of the transporter chief echoed through her combadge.

"Fine, I'll have to make due then I guess." The doctor grabbed the phaser and fired it directly at the slowly advancing form hoping that it would cause enough of a delay.

She brushed aside the blast of energy that hit her square in the chest. It cascaded away from her flesh like water hitting a shore line during a turbulent storm. She laughed as she moved forward with the frame of a predator.

The energy blast lit the ferns like a brief, controlled wildfire. The glow silhouetted the shapes of the creatures, that despite the blast came closer still. "Commander," Helen called. "We need to find shelter. We'll too exposed out here, we'll be ambushed."

Nodded, Ulonova lead the way toward a previous blip on her initial readings. Rather surprising the anomaly turned out to be on old, run down building. She lead the trio inside the long abandoned building, more like a shell with vines lining the crumbling walls and snaking through the cracked ceild. None the less, the group hurried inside.

Deanna still had an uneasy feeling about this all. Deanna looked at Leanne and said, "We got to get out of here."

Panting heavily Shire activated the beam and the barrel of her riffle to peer into the dark corners: "I second that," she repiled.

Trying to catch her breath Leanne tapped her comm badge again. "Roark come in." The comm badge clicked with static again. "This is the same thing that happened on the other planet. We might just have to hunker down and try and survive the night." her voice echoed through the dark space. "It is only going to be a matter of time before she comes back."

"She?" Helen glanced back other her shoulder. "You think there's a Queen or something here? Like the one that attacked Admiral DeVuor in the cave?"

"What are you two saying? The admiral has been attacked by something like this before?" Deanna got on her knees feeling all the emotions around her. With her own emotions out of wack, she was having a hard time blocking them around her. She then put her hands on both ears and looked down.

"I think so." Leanne leaned up against the frame of the ruins, checking the charge of the phaser rifle. "I think that was her in the thicket, right before we made a break for it. She looked like the one in the cave that day." She looked at the counselor who was being overwhelmed and moved over to comfort her. "I think this looks defensable enough, we should be ok for a little while."

"It's not like we have any other option," Shire, the life and soul of the party moved toward the entrance and peered into the night. The previous luminescent glow to the forest seemed more threatening then before. The wilderness and its wildlife had claimed two lives in quick succession. It was a hostile environment even before the Borg crash landed. She wondered for a moment who would kill each other first?

Slinging her rifle over her shoulder Shire's fingers worked the settings on the tricorder attached to her belt pack enabling it to alert them to promiitny in the area before reattaching it and turning to the other two women

"Could be worse," she said. "At leasts it not pouring."

Deanna smiled. "That's the bright side of things."

"Very true" Leanne moved back over to the wall and leaned against it, slowly moving down and landing on the ground. "I'm just going to close my eyes for a moment."



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