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Distant Voices

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Mission: Remembrance
Location: Infirmary

"Where are the others, why can I not hear the collective?" Then with a sharper tone she turned to the medical staff: "What have you done to me?"

"We're trying to help you," Brenari stepped closer. "You have been severed from the Collection during the assault of Species 8472 on the Borg vessel. Already your immune system is awaking, rejecting the implants. I have to remove these before they cause you further injury."

The drone shrank back: "No," she hissed. "Return this Drone to the Collective, maintenance can be carried out there."

"Your Cube has been destroyed, you cannot go back," Brenari continued sensing Tarke's security team enter her field of vision.

"Murders," the drone moved swiftly swinging off the bio to stand erect. The mechanical legs trembled under her weight forcing her to grip the bed in support. "What have you done to this drone?" she fired angrily at Brenari.

"That would be your own body resisting the mechanical additions to your skeletal structure and skin tissue. If' you'd only -"

"NO!" The drone cut across forcing herself to stand. "I am Three of Eleven Tertiary adjunct of interplex matrix seven three and I order you to return this drone to the Collective immediately!"

Brenari could sense the wave of pain coursing through the drone before her solitary chocolate brown eye narrowed, and her stance faltered crumbling back onto the edge of the bio biting back a horsed cry.

The young African, Doctor Ntombi rushed forward to support the Drone as she slipped further down the biobed, not wanting her to injure herself further under the weight of her Cybernetic implants and armor that was placed across her body.
"Slowly!", she soothed catching a flicker of something in the drones eyes before it washed away again.

For a moment, the harden gaze softened. Compassion... so that was how it felt... it had been such a long time since someone had been caring toward her.

Three flinched, fighting against the supportive hand of Doctor Ntombi. "No," it hissed jerking free. "Release, and return this drone at once." The tone was sharp, stronger than the wavering strength in her body as it refused to function correctly.

Brenari watched with deepening concern. "There is no way back for you now,"

"Then let this drone die," the Borg interrupted struggling to stand with Ntombi's guiding hand. "Rather die than be forced to live like you!"

Cailyn walked into the room. She just came from Kirs his quarters and was still pissed. She heared the struggle between drone an medical personel. She made a few steps forward and aimed her phaser at the drone's head.
"Give me one good reason?" Cailyn asked in a stern voice.

Appalled. Doctor Brenari turned: "Lieutenant Tarke! This is a medical concern, kindly retract your weapon."

Three of Eleven stared at the Trill, noting how steady her arm was and the burning look within her eyes. She was a woman scorned. "Do it,"

Hastily Brenari stood herself in the line of fire. "As much as I appreciate your profession in times of need Lieutenant, now is not the right time. Stand down, otherwise I will make you."

"From my point this is a security risk." Cailyn said as she looked at the drone. "I don't want things to happen just like with Seven of Nine."

"I can assure you, this won't be the same." Brenari stood firm. "Now, please lower you're weapon so I can treat my patient."

Cailyn took a deap breath and slowly lowered her weapon slightly.
"Then from his point on, when something goes wrong it's your fault." Cailyn said. "And I will make a note in my report to the Capain."

The Doctor offered a strained smile. "You do that lieutenant," she said.

Zor, still acclimating to his new surroundings as Commanding Officer of what had been refereed to as a large spinning bicycle wheel by some of the Admiralty before, was meandering along the Promenade, taking in the sights, sounds and sheer amount of color that was emblazoned across something that originally was something so bleak and dark and devoid of any color. In many ways the station was both beautiful and horrifying in the same breath, but he was a firm believer that a Leopard could change its spots.

Raised voices lilted across the milling pedestrians from the Infirmary and his insatiable curiosity pulled him towards hearing things that in all ways should not be being said between two Starfleet officers.
His blue eyes took in the sight as he neared, instantly seeing the drone that was being supported by a young Human women while another Officer held a phaser at one of the medical staff.
"Would you ladies care to explain what is happening here?"

Cailyn looked at her new commanding officer and then back to the doctor.
"This drone is a security risk. I don't want it alive on this station." Cailyn said as she looked at the doctor. "The drone wanted to die so I wanted to help."

"Doctor... Explain what the hell is happening!"
Zor turned his normally placid crystal blue eyes to the attractive women who seemed to be in charge.

Bernari's eyes flashed with momentarily anger. Every moment they delayed the life of this drone was facing more risk. "Captain Navek and Lieutenant Commander Fletcher retrieved this drone from the Borg Cube, it has been separated from the collective. My team and I are attempting to save her life since the implants are reacting to her own natural immune system." She explained looking past the level phaser. "The drone has expressed a level of resistance to treatment....hence you lieutenant Tarke's intervention and over reaction to her presence."

"You mean the drone is still active?"
A tone of danger filled his voice as he stalked around the Security officer to come and face the Drone head on. His own anger at the species taking hold, all of his malice and vengeful thoughts were directed directly at her despite himself. "Why is it not in a cell Doctor?"

"Because, unless I intervene they'd be nothing to defend sir!" Brenari squealed feeling at the end of her tether. "Please, Captain I insist that you leave. I cannot treat the fluctuations in her cortical and neural implants that require removal."

The Drone, designation Three of Elven turned her pained eye to newcomer while the implant in the second socket swiveled scanning the life form and potential new threat. "You are from species 182. El-Aurian," she stated blankly.

Finally catching up with the new CO Lam entered the Infirmary knowing full well that at some point he would cross paths with the drone, it was certain to be an uncomfortable reunion for him, first his home world then his ship had been taken from him due to the Borg. "Sir, I've got that duty report you requested and the Anubis has departed for Starbase 828 as ordered" noticing the thousand yard stare and the overwhelming silence she wondered what she had entered too, "what's going on here?" she enquired.

"A friendly conversation Commander!"
Zor's words were strained, tight as if a cord pulled to taught and was about to snap.

The Doctor's patience was equally thin. "Sir's, please. This is a medical facility and I am bound by duty to aid those in need of my skill, no matter whom the patient maybe, or any personal disagreements." She shot a cool look to the Captain of whom she could sense a wall a hatred being constructed.

The drone, meanwhile continued to stare with keen interest. Then, still held in the grasp of Ntombi her entire frame shuddered with a sudden convulse.

Zor's anger was broken by the sudden shift in the drones posture and he came around to help the African women lower her to the floor. The pain mixed across her features was enough to make him realize that she was after all a sentient life form under the Borg exterior, yet he couldn't bring himself to forgive her, she was still Borg.
"Do what you feel you have too Doctor, but at the slightest hint of danger I want this thing dead... Do I make myself clear?"

"Exceptionally clear, sir." Brenari replied coldly shooting a sideways glance at Cailyan whom remained vigilant throughout, as if eager to deliver the killing blow as much as the new captain.

Cailyn stepped back and looked at the guards at the door.
"If she attacks anyone, shoot to kill." Cailyn said as she walked through the door.

Turning his back to the personification of hate that was being tended by his medical staff, he exited the room, fuming over his own actions but equally as angry over not being consulted by the medical staff before things moved along.
"Your hovering Commander... what can I do for you?"

Seeing the silent acknowledgement on the doctors face Lam moved towards the door causing it to open hoping the Captain would take the message that perhaps it was time to leave and let the experts focus on the task in hand, "sir, I believe the Bolian Ambassador would like to see you?" it wasn't a lie but it was a meeting she had been putting off until things settled further but it was important enough to hopefully get his attention.

Zor fell into step by the side of his new Chief of Operations. So far he had not had the opportunity to talk with all of the officers that he would be working for, but soon enough the Senior Officers would be pulled together so he could formally introduce himself.
"Come on Commander... Out with it!", sensing her leading approach to him.

Not knowing where to start Sara decided to go for it and just tell him how it was, "to be honest sir, you need to let departments get on with things, even sensitive issues, very rarely will you be able to micro manage a situation like you would on a starship." It was never easy to tell a superior officer that they had to take a step back and somehow she had ended up with the unenviable task.

To start with, Zor wanted to dress down this upstart but then he had to agree he had never operated on a Starbase before and her input, all of the senior officers input would be the most valuable tool he could have in the coming weeks.
"Your right Commander... Can I ask a favor of you?"

"Of course Captain?" Lam knew favours were a dangerous thing, blindly agreeing to get yourself into something was something she had tried very hard to avoid doing but for some reason she just couldn't say no to a senior officer.


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