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Reckless Endangerment

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2010 @ 1:13am by Civilian Haqtaj Matlh & Fleet Admiral Tal Navek & Chief Warrant Officer Akina Jrez

Mission: Remembrance
Location: Shuttle craft Torrens
Timeline: Just after the destruction of the Cube and USS Arizona

The Borg cube was gone but the Transwarp conduit remained. Speculation abounded about what dangers lay just beyond the yawning maw. Now the Arizona was gone as well.

The crew of DS7 were far too occupied to notice Ambassador Haqtaj's movements.

When she arrived at what passed for a science lab on the ship, she sought out the Trill Science Officer.

"Ambassador," Jrez said in some surprise, "what brings you here?"

"Chief," the woman said, leading him gently into the privacy of the corridor, "I wnat to talk to you about our run in on the bridge. I understand that you are a pssionate person and you care deeply for the welfare of your comrades. That is why I have chosen you."

Something in Hataj's manner didn't ring true but Jrez knew her for an honourable woman. He decided to at least hear her out. "What for," he asked cautiously.

"For this!"

With a quick lunge, Haqtaj's open palm slammed into Jrez's head. She grabbed him before he hit the floor and lifted the unconcious form over her shoulder.


When she arrived at the Shuttle Bay at a jog there was only a single Ensign manning the bay. She bellowed at him as she ran forward.

"Medical emergency. Transporters are down. I need to use a shuttle's transporter to get this man to medical. NOW!"

The poor ensign was spooked already, being alone in a hanger without knowing how the battle with the Borg was progressing. When the giant woman ran forward yelling orders he obeyed without thinking, keying in the access code on the panel. When he looked up from keying in the last digit he got the briefest flash of Klingon brow ridges before he too, dropped to the floor unconcious.


Jrez came to to the sting of icy water on his face. Disorientation clouded his senses; his head rang from the blow. Slowly, recollection came to him. Looking round, he saw Haqtaj casually tossing an empty cup over her shoulder.

He was on a shuttle but nothing indicated which one. In front of him were a series of sensor scans. He tried to concentrate on them – as much in an effort to ignore the pain as in any real hope of making sense of what they said. That, he figured, would come later. Anyway, if Haqtaj thought he was doing his job – whatever the hell that was – she might refrain from hitting him again.

From the scans, he looked up to the viewscreen. He immediately regretted it. There was a dirty big transwarp conduit out there and Haqtaj was flying straight towards it.

Discretion be damned! he thought. "What the … do you think you’re doing?" he cried out.

Haqtaj didn't even glance over, "I am about to solve an important scientific and tactical question. The Federation is worried that this Transwarp Conduit may lead to the heart of Borg space. They will now have a meeting to appoint a committee which will organise a task force which will create a feasibility report into the investigation of options about viable aproaches to putting a stick up their bum. I, on the other hand, am trying a Klingon approach; fly at it at full speed and if you manage to make it back, it wasn't a threat. There is great glory to be had."

Now she glanced at Jrez, "But there is a chance that the Borg were aware of Species 8472's attempts and managed to direct the conduit to an open part of the Delta Quadrant. In which case I am going to need a Scientist who can work out where we are and do all the sciencing."

She looked back at the screen, "And you never know, if it is the Borg Nexus, you might get a chance to rescue some more Borg."

Trust a Klingon to boldly go where no-one has gone before, Jrez thought. Everyone else has had better sense. And trust Haqtaj to put it terms to catch my vanity.’Do the sciencing’ be damned! I’m not a scientist and she knows it full well. She also knows just about everyone else on DS7 would call her mad and demand she turn around. So what choice do I have? There’s no way Haqtaj is going to turn around – anyway, if I protest I’m likely to just get another blow to my head. She is a Klingon, after all! I might as well put up and shut up. That way, at least, I’ll be conscious when I die.

“You didn’t happen to grab any of my virus while you were in the lab knocking me out, I suppose?” Jrez asked.

"No," Haqtaj's response was the epitome of clipped Klingon simplicity.

“Or a rifle to deliver it?” It was too much to hope for but he had to ask.


“So.... Just how do you suppose I’m going to bring back some Borg? Ask them politely to dinner? And I thought working with Serge was hard going,” he groused.

Haqtaj pulled a long curved mek'leth from her back and handed it to him, "Write your invitation on that. Word it nicely."

This was getting more insane by the moment. "The Arizona flew into this conduit and it blew itself apart. How do you propose that a mere shuttlecraft with none of the Arizona's advanced technology should avoid the same fate?"

Haqtaj answered after a brief pause, "It may surprise you to know that I have read extensively on Transwarp technology, Borg and Federation, though it seems you never quite managed to create a stable conduit with your Excellsior class. The opening of the conduit is indicated by subspace triquantum wave disruptions with a field magnitude exceeding 2.9 teracochranes. We can re-open the conduit mouth with a high-energy tachyon pulse emission on a specific tachyon frequency matrix that alternates between the low and secondary bandwidth frequencies. Which is why I chose this shuttle."

Haqtaj pointed to controls on Jrez's left for a Tachyon beam projector. She went on, "A closed mouth of a transwarp conduit can exhibit net external subspace transwarp distortions that fluctuate between 30 and 288 millicochranes. I will need you to callibrate the projector appropriately, so we don't suffer the same fate as the Arizona... And that should be now, Chief."

Jrez knew he had no option but to obey. Haqtaj might have lost her mind completely but he couldn't fault her science. If they were to survive this mission - and every instinct told Jrez the chances of that were extremely slim - then he had to put himself in this mad Klingon woman's hands.

There was a bright flash as the shuttle crossed the transwarp threshold and the was grabbed up and hurled across the galaxy....


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