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A Flag Meeting

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Mission: Remembrance
Location: DeVuors Office


As the comm chirp interrupted DeVuor a familiar voice spoke, "Admiral, Commodore Varal is here to see you" came Lam's voice. Knowing full well the Admirals time was finite Varal had already taken action on a number of areas they had discussed previously but yet had not overstepped his bounds.

Beverly for her part was finishing up the packing of her belongings to take down to her new office in the habitat ring so as to free up the overseer's office for Captain Romano. She placed her prized Bonsai tree into the open container as she called over to the door. "Send him in Sara!"
All hint of formality now gone as Sara was now not her subordinate, she was her friend.

The doors opened as Varal entered he was met by an assorted of rather haphazard boxes and containers, "apologies for the intrusion Admiral, I have the Task Force deployment information you requested" he said clutching a large PADD before handing to DeVuor, he was certain she would be keen to find out what changes were to be made in her local area of operations, "do you require any assistance with your relocation efforts?" It seemed like so many people were on the move, not only on DS7 but throughout his own Task Force and the fleet in general.

"If you don't mind that would be much appreciated... And congratulations on the promotion Commodore!"
She tipped a wink at the new set of pips that adorned the Vulcan's collar, and if she said so herself, they suited him. "Anything out of the ordinary?", her eyes started to rove the information before her.

"I do not believe so" Varal replied as he moved to estimate the weight of several small containers however he knew an item near the top would catch her eye so continued before she could voice an objection, "I have reassigned the Anubis to the Kentara Sector to support Starfleet Tactical, they requested a high speed vessel for clandestine operations. As a replacement and considering the increased threat to the station I have assigned three starships to this sector, the Repulse will be stationed here while the Genesis and Sentinel will provide close cover although the last two will be rotated on a monthly basis with other ships in the sector."

"The Repulse...", she had never really followed the ship build lists as Starfleet churned out the multitude of different ships that seemed to be in circulation today. "I'll assume its not the old Excelsior Class".
She dropped the PADD down on the desk, leaving the information for Zor when he finally moved into the Office. Now she turned back to her own box that was still only half packed. "I have some concerns about the Cardassian border. We met with a Gul Keshac... A very passionate women, but she seemed hell bent on blaming the Federation for the current state of affairs within the Cardassian Boarder Worlds. It seems there is some plague that is spreading like wild fire through the civilian population".

"Keshac is part of the old Cardassian Union from what I recall of her security dossier, she should be treated with caution." Varals total recall of the Cardassian womans details no fluke, he had taken it upon himself to familiarise himself with nearly three hundred Cardassian officers along the border, "as for the Repulse, no the old Excelsior class was retired over a year ago, the new vessel is a Defiant class currently patrolling the Federation interior on anti piracy operations, suffice to say her presence quickly dissuaded any criminal activity."

"Do you remember when Starfleet was an organization for exploration... We seem so far from that now. Its a distressing thought is it not Commodore?"
Beverly turned back to her packing crate, still very conscious of the recent events from her shift of position, to the reassignment of a new Commanding Officer to the death of one of her friends. "Do we have any relief ships in the area. The one thing Keshac was definite about was needing aid for the outlying Cardassian colonies?"

Varal shared DeVuor's sentiment, Starfleet seemed far more militaristic than it had done three decades ago when he joined, "Perhaps a sustained period of stability will allow us to return to our exploration efforts. As for relief ships, I have been working with Starfleet Medical to co-ordinate our efforts, the Corps of Engineers will have three ships in the sector by the end of the week, Medical advises they have dispatched two vessels, would you like me to include you in communications going forward?"

"Just anything that is a potential hazard to local and regional negotiations and so on."
Finally she slipped the last few items into her last box. "Well... that looks like it. Time for me to move to my new facility down in the habitat ring", she slung her carry bag over her shoulder and turned once more to the Vulcan. "I've also asked for an office to be set aside for you as well. Since we are both going to be around the station more often than not, I thought it would make sense to have a permanent residence here!"

"Thank you, I was going to assess my duties however Admiral Ross has appointed me Deputy of Starfleet Engineering and Operations, I can think of no better station to co-ordinate efforts across the Alpha, Beta and Delta quadrants." The statement was dropped into the conversation almost without thought to its implications, he hoped DeVuor would see it in the positive light it was intended, he knew however that she was aware of the increased workload and greater travel such a position would entail.

"Congratulations seem to be in order again. Not bad for one conversation!"
Her instinct about this Vulcan had been correct, and now he was reaping the rewards of his efforts by being noticed by many different levels of the fleet.
"I believe that Admiral Baker may be staying with us for some time as well. I'll look at getting some form of office set aside for him as well."

"Thank you Admiral, I hope that I may continue to count on your council, and that of Admiral Baker, as I am certain interesting times lie ahead." It wasn't quite a plea for help as he was confident of his abilities but knew there would no doubt be many hurdles to overcome.

With a final longing look around the room, she realized that this would be the last command she held too. Yes she would command again in future, but this was it, the last command that was hers. She barely knew her, but she could already feel that this place would be special, a jewel in the local region just as Deep Space Nine had become. She didn't for see anything as grand as what DS9 had been through, but certainly it would be a shining light in the local region, especially now that the Transwarp conduit was fixed in place and apparently fully stable creating a link to the Delta Quadrant.
Beverly could just imagine what Admiral Janeway would say when she found out about this.'If only that had been about four years ago... We wouldn't have had to go the long way round!'

"Have you ever had to give up command Varal?" She used the Vulcan's name this time, wanting to make sure he understood that this was a personal inquiry and not a professional one. "I'm finding it hard to let go!"

The moment had become incredibly personal, it was his single weakness something he had tried so hard to overcome, "only once however the circumstances were very different, it was an old ship, I knew that my tour as commanding officer would be her last. I have often observed Humans becoming attached to a place or vessel, a highly illogical state of being however it is that attachment that makes you a good officer, the attachment is almost akin of that of a parent and a child but as a parent one must know when to let them take their own course." His tone was calm and measured as always but for once he felt for the person he was trying to connect with and for once he didn't chastise himself for doing so.

Again she smiled and caught his arm with her hand and gave a little squeeze. "Your right as always my friend... Still, it hurts just the same". Her mind jumped track back to what she had to do next. "Come on, give me a hand carrying this down to my new office."

Varal and Beverly gathered up the now packed boxes before making their exit through the side door of the office, as the room fell silent it awaited the arrival of the stations new commanding officer, for the rest of the station however the moment seemed to pass like any other, without pomp or ceremony.


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