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Frightening Truths (Back Post)

Posted on Sun Apr 26th, 2009 @ 1:02am by Lieutenant Michael Lake

Mission: Echoes of the Damned: Pilot Episode.
Location: Genesis Bridge

Finally sinking into the command chair Mason turned her eye to Lieutenant Jackson with one crisp word: "Report,"
With Beverly and Vos down it was up to her now to work out what has befallen the ship, and why everywhere she had gone the strong smell of burning and the stench of blood had followed her. Jackson, it appeared had had her own shares of difficulties.

Tori let her cut fingers run through her hair "Where do I start? A few hours ago we were hit by a... something... it was like a bolt of energy, it hit the ship and caused the damage you see here." She moved in a little closer to Krissy and quietly said "We lost Stadi." she knew of Mike and Stadi's close relationship, now wasn't the time to break him down, he needed to concentrate on flying the ship.

At the news of another death Mason slide further back into her seat and closed her eyes against the harshness of the bridge before her. Poor Stadi, another one in a long list that was irreplaceable.
Reopening her eyes Krissy focused them back onto Jackson. "How many causalities did we sustain and how damage was done to the ship?

"The casualties, well, nearly everyone sustained a physical injury on impact." Jackson sighed. "We have around 74 injured spread between sickbay and cargobay 2 which has been turned into a triage area."
She then face palmed "Here's the damage report." she passed over a Padd and for the first time Mason saw the red blistered on Tori's hands and she felt a wave of pity wash over her.
"I just feel so bad, my inactions killed plenty of members that are important to the crew." Jackson was barley keeping her voice level now, and her eyes where building with tears.

Leaning forward Krissy took hold of the offered information and took Tori's hands into her own, holding them lightly but passing over a warmth of comfort and understanding. "Everyone makes, but I need your focus here and now." Then giving the other woman a sterner look she said firmly but with a slight joke in her voice. "Don't go to pieces on me, I'm not a counselor!"

Mike could hear Tori sobbing her eyes out behind him, he turned his chair discreetly around and then turned back. He typed four words into the console and sent it to the Command Chair's display, in flashing letters to get Krissy's attention he wrote: "Need a bail out?"

Glancing at the flashing words Krissy's eyes flickered between them and teary Jackson. Although Masn appeared to be made of tough nails comforting a distraught person was something she felt completely out her depth with. Everyone had a nightmare over the last twenty four hours, being stranded on the Genesis Tori had done her best, but clearly the strain had taken its toll.
Should the news of Stadi's death reach Mike he would make another person she had to somehow comfort adding to her own battle with her composure. She wanted noting more then be at Beverly's side willing her friend to overcome her illness. However with both the Commanding and the First Officer down she had to carry the beacon for the ship, and her first objective was to leave this system as fast as possible.
Krissy didn't know what to do but it was clear after waiting for a moment that Jackson was slipping downhill spiraling deeper into her despair.
Unsure what to do Krissy held Tori's hands tighter and manged to touch the keypad enough to punch in the word: "Yes!"

Mike programed a series of commands into the helm console before he locked it and pretended to hear Troi's sobbing for the first time, he swung around and lifted himself from the chair and made his way over to Tori, he bent his knees and slowly took Tori's hands from Krissy. He almost lifted her up and prepared to take her to the back of the bridge.

As Mike lead Tori away Krissy felt sure that the trembling she had felt in the other womans hands and passed across to her as well. She felt unsettled by her colleague, but deep down she wanted to cry her eyes out too agonized by the loss of so many lives. She watched helplessly as Mike gathered Tori together moving her with ease out of her view.

Mike gave Kristina a quick look before setting off, and signaling a young enlisted officer over to the helm console. When he reached the area around the observation lounge's main door he offered a comforting glance, one that just started repaying the debts of the ones she gave him whenever something was wrong. Quietly he said "Hey, you did all you could, its hardly your fault. Tell you what, you can give someone your report a bit later, yeah. Have a lay down in your quarters, you must be pretty damn tired."

The tears that ran down Tori's face were possibly her last for the the time being, thankfully for the people on duty. She slowly and quietly walked off the bridge. Although he knew Tori was competant, he asked another enlisted officer, who was doing nothing, to make sure Tori made it to her room.
Mike walked back down the ramp and sat down in the XO's chair "That was easier than I thought. I told her that she can give you, or Commander DeVour her full report at a later time."

Slumping in her seat Krissy nodded mutely. There was so much rattling around in her head it was hard to find the right words she wanted to say. Eventually they came as she twisted to look at Mike. Like herself he was fifthly and a thick layer of dust clung to every inch of his uniform and in his thick head of hair. Yet he still wore a look professionalism. That would melt later once the news of Stadi's death would reach him.
"Thank you," she said softly. "I think I manged to learn enough to keep us all busy for a while." she shook the Padd Jackson had passed before the tears descended. "Looking over this, I think we will be in dock for a month minimum,"

"Terrific..." Mike leaned in to take a glance at the PADD "What's the bet Starfleet find something for us to do in the meantime. I'd like to think they'd assign us all to repair management, good luck to us there."

She slapped her thigh with the Padd wearily. "I don't expect Starfleet to allow us have a vacation, or at least not one that long. I wouldn't be surprised either if they assign us elsewhere."

Mike gave a sarcastic chuckle before settling down again "I bet Starfleet Intell will want to snap a few of us up, either to tell them all about the ape people or get us to run errands for them, theres nothing like capturing fugitives for the people too scared to leave an office building."

"Perhaps. Personally I don't care what happens my first concern is limping us home wards, and with any luck Commander DeVour will be joining us when we dock. I'm waiting for Sickbay to give me an update on their conditions," she fiddled with the Padd for another second with a distant look in her eyes. After all the tragedies the Genesis' had been through over the last month she couldn't help but think the ship was cursed.

Mike looked across and nodded, he then moved in closer... for the fifteenth time, he was so close to insure that no one heard him "Krissy, I think anyone in your position would do the same. And you've done a bloody good job for being in this position." Mike offered a kind smile before moving off back to the helm console.



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