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Space and Time [USS Arizona Backpost]

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2010 @ 8:34pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Location: USS Arizona

Carried Over From USS Arizona

The journey to Deep Space Seven took alot longer than originally anticipated. The ongoing complications with the cloaking device were having some undesirable effects on the Arizona's warp drive, forcing them to remain at warp 3. The decision was made to make use of a transwarp conduit that appeared outside of the station, as a means to travel to the Delta Quadrant. Zeek was unsure if the conduit would have any effect on their already hampered systems, and he had no time to run a full evaluation.

Gren was still adjusting to the ship running on blue alert for extended periods of time and with his piloting skills being untested thus far was glad to see the unmistakeable form of Deep Space Seven, "Sir, we're now on final approach to DS7, data burst confirms permission to approach, station tactical have been advised." The last part came was something of a surprise but the last thing they needed was a tactical officer taking the station to red alert over a strange energy reading.

"Thank you Lieutenant." Zeek replied "Open a channel, and see if you can't get a hold of Admiral DeVuor."

The officer at the comm station nodded, and worked for a moment before replying. "I have Admiral DeVuor for you Sir."

"On screen." He replied. Beverly's face appeared, forward of the typical Cardassian scenery that was Ops "Admiral, on behalf of the Arizona and her crew, we would like to bid you and the crew of Deep Space Seven a fond farewell. We're on our way to the Delta Quadrant and don't know when we'll be home."

"Zeek, for gods sake, call me Beverly. I'm not your Commanding Officer anymore!"
Beverly beamed back at the Officer that she could claim she was most proud of. He had come to her family on Starbase 611 after transferring from under the Command of her old friend Livia, then worked his way to First Officer and now a Commodore command one of the most advanced ships in the fleet.
"We are all going to miss you Zeek. Make sure you stay in contact and I won't take any excuse. God Speed Commodore!".

"Thank you Beverly, to you as well." Zeek replied, just before the screen flashed back to a view of the station. "Alright Lieutenant, take us into the conduit. Slow and steady." He caught one last glimpse of the Anubis as the ship began to turn, bringing back memories of his short lived first command.

A small indicator flashed on Gren's console, he hoped it was nothing but a strange feeling washed over him as he read the display. "Sir, I'm detecting an energy surge in the EPS conduits, warp and impulse engines are non responsive!"

Zeek nodded =/="Bridge to Engineering. We're showing massive failures within both the impulse and warp drive, as well as a build-up of negative ions around the core. Whats going on with my ship Lieutenant?"=/=

William was busy running around Engineering as the call came in "Sir I'm not sure how to explain it. We're being pulled closer and closer to that conduit, its as if its reacting to the build-up of energy around the core."

=/="Can you shut it down?"=/= Zeek asked

"We've tried Sir. The energy is creating a self sustaining field around the core, we've got no access at all." He paused "Sir I think the energy build-up has something to do with the way the cloak is reacting to our systems. I'm showing a feedback loop in the cloak's systems that wasn't there before. Its feeding directly into the main power systems!"

=/="Take the cloak offline then."=/= Zeek replied

"Aye Sir." William moved to the station controlling the cloak. He quickly tried to disable the device, but everything he tried had no effect. "Commodore, its the same situation here. I've got no access to the cloak either. Sir...the energy field around the cloak is building up at an exponential rate. I estimate we've got no more than five minutes before those ions disrupt the matter-antimatter containment."

The look on Zeek's face was one that words could not describe. As an Engineer, he knew what those words meant. The ship was brand new, and would be lost before her first mission ever began =/="All hands, this is the Commodore. Abandon ship, I repeat, abandon ship. This is not a drill. The Arizona's warp core will go critical in less than five minutes. Head to your designated escape routes now!"=/= "Solis, Kristina, I need you two to stay with me. We can't let this ship go critical so close to the Starbase."

Solis moved without even thinking. Her legs carried her from the Command center, across the violently quivering deck to land her in the pilots chair. It had been many years since she had last piloted a ship this size, but she assumed it would all come flooding back.
"Inertial dampenerss failing, port side stabalizers are out."

This was all moving faster then anyone could predict. Feeling as if she was standing still while the world revolved around her Kristina Mason felt shell shocked that this beautiful ship on a one way track to destruction. Worse still if Solis couldn't move the Arizona a safe distance away the list of casualties would be steadily longer.

Just as Zeek was about to open a distress call, he saw the hesitation on Lieutenant Gren's face "Lieutenant go, we'll be right behind you."

He had read of the strange tradition many species seemed to have about officers going down with the ship, it wasn't one he as a Takaran had grown up with but he could certainly appreciate the sentiment, "of course sir." As he got up from his chair he couldn't help but think he wouldn't see any of them again.

After he watched Gren leave the bridge, Zeek hit a button on his chair, opening a channel to the station "Mayday, mayday, this is the USS Arizona issuing a priority one distress call. We have a massive build-up of energy around our warp core that we cannot control. The crew are evacuating in escape pods, but myself and two of my senior officers are remaining onboard to try and minimize casualties on the station from the blast. Please, rescue my crew." He ended the transmission, knowing there was nothing else to say

"Solis, I need you to get on those helm controls, and do what you can to get us as far away from the station as possible. Krissy, get to the last escape pod in the hall and make sure we'll still be able to launch it. I'm going to try and collapse our shields around the core to contain the blast as long as possible."

"You've got all I can give you... We're loosing systems across the board."
Locked in a fight of mortal combat with the systems in the ship Solis had been gritting her teeth between bouts of shouting across the grind of twisting metal that the bridge had become.

The sound of Zeek calling Mason seemed to break the spell placed upon her. She urged herself to move and compile with the given order.
Stumbling, using what ever she could for support Krissy staggered off the bridge toward the escape pod.
Thankfully it was ready for ejection since the spiraling situation had prepped all the pods for evacuation.

Zeek leaped towards the Engineering station, and frantically tried to collapse the shield around the core. He knew it wouldn't hold for long, but it would at least give them a chance. "Damnit, that won't hold for long. Alright Solis lets move, theres nothing more we can do here."

Setting the autopilot, and with some luck it wouldn't fail, Solis jumped from the pilots chair and stumbled across the bridge towards her Commanding Officer. She tried to wave him on, knowing full well he would wait for her, but her priority was to save his life.

She made the door as Zeek caught her arm as the deck shuddered once again under the pressure of another internal blast.

As the two ran down the hall to join Kristina, a jolt from inside the ship knocked them both to the floor. "Shit" Zeek swore "That was the core. We've got maybe a minute left before it depletes the shield." The two officers regained their footing, and continued to where Krissy was waiting

The jolt unbalanced Mason too gripping the rounded door to the pod somehow kept her upright. "Come on," she shouted waving both Zeek and Avesta frantically.

Zeek hesitated a moment before following the two officers into the pod. His first command was short lived. This one was even shorter. Where would Starfleet put him now? He didn't have time to think about it as Kristina reached out and pulled him inside by the bottom of his coat. As the door shut the pod launched automatically, hurtling them away from the doomed vessel. All they could do was watch as the shields failed, and the core went critical. "Hang on to something." Zeek said as the shock wave approached the pod. The blast that hit them was stronger than anticipated, and the sheer force of the impact knocked the three officers unconscious.

===2258, Alternate Timeline===

Zeek awoke to to the sight of two female officers looking out of a small window. He was a bit confused at first, until he realized they were still in the escape pod.
"Beverly must be mad at us to make us sit out here so long." He said with a chuckle. The looks on his companions faces indicated though, that this was no time for jokes. He moved closer to see what they were so fixated on. What he saw, he couldn't quite comprehend.

The vessel before them was one they should have recognized, the class of it at a minimum. The unfamiliar blue deflector and nacelle booms though, made one question their perception. The looks of the ship reminded Zeek of the Constitution class vessels, though he didn't remember the vessel looking so...streamlined. Before any of the three could guess what was going on, a white simmer began to engulf the pod. Whatever questions they had were about to be answered...

==To Be Continued==


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