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Throwback [USS Arizona Backpost]

Posted on Mon Oct 4th, 2010 @ 9:32pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek

Location: Alternate Timeline

The small pod materialized in what the three officers could only assume was a cargo hold. The industrial look of the ship's interior was something one might have seen in a factory. Stranger though was the UFP markings on cargo that was scattered around the bay. "Lets hope that whoever transported us in here is in a talking mood." Solis mused as she made her way for the hatch controls.

In the confines of the pod Krissy shook her head slowly at Solis's optimism. "I wouldn't raise you're hopes too highly. I wouldn't take warmly to guests if it were me. We should be carefull"
Krissy took in what little she could see from the small pod view port, and all she could tell was this was either a massive cargo bay, or some form of factory or industrial center.
"It doesn't make sense. It looks like Starfleet Tec from about a century ago, but they never built a ship like this. Its more like a ground based facility!"

Noting her comments, Solis popped the hatch. The hiss of the locks releasing preceded the loud thud of the hatch hitting the metal floor. Solis was the first to exit, flanked by Krissy who was pulling the insentiet form of Zeek from the pod. What they saw upon exiting was confusing to say the least. About fifteen humanoids, all clad in red shirted uniforms were surrounding them, odd looking weapons in hand. At first they resembled Starfleet phaser pistols from years ago, but the blue item of the front of the weapon was something none of them recognized. Solis noticed the officers wore silver bands around their arms, a sign of rank not used by Starfleet in many, many years. After looking around, she realized that the senior ranking officer present was a Commander. She turned to the Commander "Thank you for rescuing us. I'm Commander Avesta Solis, first officer of the USS Arizona. I-"

"Did I tell you to speak?" The Commander replied cutting Solis off "I don't know where you three came from, but you're all under arrest."

"Arrest?" Mason injected before Solis could. "For what charge?", gently she placed the form of her commanding officer on the deck.

Solis could tell from the faces of the people in front of them that fear was driving their actions, and afraid people could do almost anything with very little pushing.
"Not now Commander... we need to see were this goes!"

"Your under arrest for trespassing in Federation territory." He replied "You'll be placed in confinement until Admiral Nithume arrives to deal with you. You can either cooperate, or make things difficult."

"Now wait just a minute." Solis interrupted "How can we be trespassing? We're Starfleet officers. I demand to speak to your commanding officer immediately!" Solis was furious that these people parading as Starfleet officers had the audacity to accuse them of trespassing.

The Commander nodded, the smirk on his face growing all the while "Of course...Sir. Right this way." He motioned to the door leading out of the cargo hold.

Solis nodded at her companion, and started walking for the door. Before she could take two steps, the Commander raised his weapon, and fired at her knocking her to the floor.

The smirk upon the face of their unknown 'friend' sent alarm bells ringing in Krissy's head. But still the rather dirty tactic was uncalled for. Cursing for not having a hand weapon of her own Krissy saw only red and sprinted head long toward the heart of couple.

Before she could reach him, the Commander fired again, this time in Kristina's direction. After the women were subdued, he nodded to his men "Take them to the brig and tell the Captain we're ready for the Admiral. Take him to sickbay", he pointed at the motionless form of the male that had been dragged from the pod by the blond women.

===Thirty Minutes Later===

Zeek had been separated from Kristina and Solis, for unknown reasons. As the two officers awoke, they saw an older man, this time in a gold uniform, sitting in a chair outside of their cell. He had alot of silver on his sleeve, indicating that he was the Admiral the Commander spoke about before.

"I apologize for the security personnel you encountered earlier." Adonis began "They tend to be a bit jumpy around new situations."

With Solis begining to stir Mason sat up sharply as soon as her senses had clocked the owner of the voice.
She winced at the sudden pounding headache that assulted her and the acid rumbling in her gut from the stunning.
"Where is Commodore Aerelon?" she challenged.

"Don't worry. You're...Commodore is safe".

Crossing her arms Krissy set her face feeling as if it had taken a off colour tinge. "Really," she said stiffly bluntly refusing to believe him.

Adonis managed to crack a smile "Yes, really." He replied "Believe me or don't, I couldn't really care less." He picked up a tablet, containing information on all three of the Arizona's remaining crew "Now we ran a few tests while you all were napping. You my dear, seem to be as human as you all have claimed to be, but your two friends are not. They are nowhere to be found in our database. Mind explaining that?"

Solis could make out voices nearby, but her head was pounding from what ever the hell that weapon had been. The last time she had been subject to a head like this was the day after the withdrawal of the Cardassian Forces. The hangover she claimed as hers was one of the worst she had been fortunate enough to have.
"What the hell is going on?" her hand on her forehead, as if trying to force the pain to the back of her mind.

Solis timing to regain her senses was prefect, giving Mason the pause to calculate an answer as she turned away from the admiral.
"Its, rather complicated," she said lowly helping Solis to sit up. "We're in a cell, under questioning . I don't know where Zeek is...."

Noticing the other woman getting up, Adonis began to direct his questions at her "Perfect, just who I needed to speak with" He mused in Solis direction.

The fog was beginning to lift from around the room and focus and solidity were now taking hold. Her Uniform was still intact, but her combadge had been removed. A stinging sensation filled her temple and she brought her hand away covered in her own blood from the wound that had reopened with the effort it had taken to stand.
"What do you want?"

"Well my first question is...where are you from? We cannot find your species in our database."

"I'm Bajoran... If your really a Human you would know that!"
Her comment came out very pointed and instantly she regretted it, not wanting to build an already unstable house of cards around their tenuous situation.
"Tell me something... What organization do you work for... I don't recognize your uniform, yet you are human!"

Krissy stood beside her, a hand pressing agsint Solis' upper arm both as a warning and as an aid to keep her up right.

Adonis smiled at the women with the crinkled nose, she was alluring and aggressive at the same time and he found himself drawn to her, yet he had a job to do.
"I am human, and I'm also from Starfleet. Our quantum dating of your shuttle puts it at almost a century ahead of our time..."

"They, what?" Krissy eyes widened momentarily. "A century..." she glanced horrified at Solis before continuing feeling as if all her strength had suddenly been sapped from her body. "How is that possible?"

"We aren't sure... One thing is certain though. Starfleet cannot have you here. We have to send you back. The last time travelers from your time came we lost the planet Vulcan and most of the primary fleet...."
Adonis trailed off at the shocked faces of the two women before him. Now realizing that he had to explain himself he decided to sum it up, after all they were both Starfleet Officers. "One year ago a Romulan by the name of Nero destroyed the planet Vulcan, our primary fleet and almost finished off Earth. If it hadn't have been for Captain Kirk and the Enterprise we would be singing a very different song right now!"

Mason blinked feverishly. Did she just hear that right? Vulcan was destroyed? and Earth too had been under threat by the this Nero character? Never a fan of history even Krissy knew they hadn't just been thrown back in time but into an alternate reality. This whole event was making her head spin. She wished Zeek was here...

"What about the Commodore!" This time it was Solis who spoke, now more concerned for her Commanding officer than anything.

Adonis shifted uncomfortably in his chair not knowing how to hand the sad news over to them.
"I'm a afraid that he didn't make it. My medical officer tells me it was some form of massive head trauma probably from your transition over to our time!"

"No," Krissy moaned shaking her head in disbelief. "No," she repeated with more force. "He can't be," she looked up between stinging tears at Adonis. "I don't believe you, you're lying,"

At this Adonis softened, his wizened old face taking on the quality of a friend or farther figure as he realized that she was more than just his subordinate.
"I'm sorry young lady, we did everything we could to save him!"

The delicate tone and softened features to his previous rough exterior penetrated Kristina Mason deeper than any blade.
He was telling the turh... Zeek really was gone...
She could feel her body begin to tremble, her bottom lips quiver and tears ran freely down her cheek as her personal world collapsed around her. For someone who'd seen so much death and destruction in her lifetime it only took one blow for Krissy to fall truly apart.

Opening the door he stepped over to her and pulled her into an embrace, pulling her close as she began to shudder with unrepressed emotion. "I'm sorry!"

Solis heard the words and she could feel her world slipping away from her, each word uttered by the Admiral before they began sounding more and more muffled with each syllable.
"Admiral", tears welling in her eyes. "We need to get back to our time!"

"I know", he said, still holding the once aggressive blond closer than he had thought would be possible. "We have the technology, we just need coordinates!"

Krissy clawed at his shoulders with anguish, wetting his uniform with her tears. "I won't leave without him," her voice sounded muffled, laced with sorrow.

Adonis's voice was soft and gentle as he pulled the other women to him as well, holding both women who had lost something dear to them. "You won't have to... We can send him with you... Back to his family!"


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