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Bridging the Universes [USS Arizona Carry Over]

Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2010 @ 6:21pm by Fleet Admiral Tal Navek


Stewart had been mulling over the change of command while he ran a systems diagnostic on the main server for the station information disseminator, wondering how this new Captain would work out in place of his mother. It was funny, in all the years he hadn't been speaking with her, finally the two of them had found a common ground, and now he found himself worry about her flying a administrative desk instead of a Starship or space station which she had seemed built for.
His eyes flicked over to Commander Lam who was sat at the ops table, the duty Officer in Ops while Captain Naveks replacement was selected since his promotion and reassignment.

A warning light started to flicker on Stewart's screen, one that didn't make sense. The transporter in ops was inactive, with no ships in the area to have an incoming beam, yet something was inbound.
"Commander we have an incoming transporter signal!"

There were only a couple of starships in the area and none had signalled to initiate a transport, "source of the signal Ensign?" she asked as she made her way round to his station.

"Unknown sir!" Stewart shifted his muscular frame around to allow the Commander to see the status screen along with him, but before anything else could happen the small alcove that housed the transporter came to life. The golden shimmer of matter conversion energy began to dance and coalesce into three forms, one was horizontal, lying on the deck, the other two were standing behind it.
"Were reading a temporal signature to the beam sir"

"What the hell!" she exclaimed, temporal signatures were never a good sign and she knew full well that if anything came of it Temporal Investigations would be here in a flash, "set all sensors to maximum sensitivity and record all data." As the transport cycle finished she recognised the people on the platform, it was the Arizona's missing crew members, the search having been called off days earlier after the escape pods were recovered before the loss of the ship. "Commander Mason, whats going on here?" she asked recognising the stations chief of security.

Dazed, the addressed Commander swayed unsteadily upon her feet. The bright lights of the transporter pad reflected the tear tracks that shimmered down her cheeks as she bowed her head feeling another wave breach her eyes.

She'd prayed, that the transition would work as a miracle, that somehow on the other side Zeek would simply stand, smile and brush himself off as if nothing had happened. Instead, he lay still in exactly the same posture, wrapped respecfully in the Federation flag from the reality they had escaped from.

She crouched beside him not daring to touch him, still hoping this was a dream. Finally she answered Lam's question: "It's a long story Sara. One I cannot say in present company. Find me Beverly."


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