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Look on Down From the Bridge

Posted on Thu Oct 7th, 2010 @ 6:08am by Lieutenant Adam De Franco

Mission: Remembrance
Location: Betazed Transport Ring #5

The FMS S. S. Marie cargo ship was considered the working horse of the Federation Merchant Service that had once centuries ago been called ECS or the Earth Cargo Service. Since then nothing had changed ships that were deemed unreliable in an emergency situation were delegated to smaller and considerably shorter routes in the Federation. The Betazed-Vulcan route was considered one of the shortest routes for the FMS and S. S. Marie a lumbering passenger/cargo vessel of nearly 110 years of age was deemed the ideal ship to run this safe if not fool-proof route. If a problem arose not only was the route used by thousands of other ships but literally dozens of Star Fleet ships were nearby to enact a speedy evacuation if worse came to worse and the ship had a catastrophic core meltdown.
Adam’s journey had started three days earlier when he had been transported by the USS Denobula a newly minted Nova-class starship that had all the fixings of a 24th century Starfleet vessel. He had nearly coughed up his own lung when he had been informed that his dream of a ship had been replaced by a lumbering old lady. The transfer at Betazed own spaceport had been uneventful until that is he had a brief but angering conversation with a flight administrator.

“This ship goes between DS7 and Betazed why am I being put on it?” he had replied going back to earth and then to DS7 would add another two days to his trip rather than the 17 hours he had expected.

“I’m sorry sir but you’re gonna have to take the S. S. Marie back to Earth you’ll then be transported by the USS Ajax.”
“But that’s moronic, why in the hell would I want to go an extra 35 light years in the wrong direction, isn’t their another ship that can take me to DS7” he asked hoping against hope he could avoid backtracking to the planet he had just left.

“Sorry sir but the FMS has changed the rules of ship transportation between DS7 and Betazed only Starfleet vessel can enter into the area”

“Why can’t civilian ships dock with DS7?” he asked irate at the dismal show of confidence from the flight administrator who looked no older then twenty.

“I deeply apologize sir but the FMS has strict rules about entering hostile space” she added with a small smile hoping that her looks would get her an easy way out of a troublesome customer.

“That’s bullshit, I’ve got friends who use this route all the time what changed in the last two weeks?” he asked slapping his hand down on the hardwood counter top between them causing the poor girl to jump slightly.

“There have been reports of Cardassian ships in the area!” she said her voice showing a slight shrill in his tone of voice.

“Well I can’t imagine why they would be in the area...unless” he said smacking his head in a mocking gesture.

“Could it be that DS7 use to be a Cardassian space station...just image what could be lurking in the shadows! Devils I say! We’re all going to die! Die I tells ya!” he said in a loud and satirical voice causing a few customers behind him to giggle and cough trying to hide their amusements.

The young lady in front of him looked defeat and while he felt slightly better he hadn’t meant to beat the poor girl up about something she had no control over.

“Listen, I know it’s not your fault, I’m sorry for the theatrics but I almost went into acting” he said spreading a grin in the girls face as well as his own.

“Well” she said circling through several files.

“We could transfer you to the FMS S. S. Marie, she’s going to Vulcan then Earth but the USS Sorak is dropping off several personnel on DS7, how does that sound?” she asked trying to satisfy the customer who had turned from an obnoxious jerk into a stunning gentlemen in a few moments.

“That fine I suppose” Adam said calculating that it had only put an extra 17 hours on his flight plan to DS7.

“Alright I’ve placed you on the first transport on the FMS S. S. Marie 1900 hours sharp” she said with a smile, he was cute in a geekish sort of way.

“What your contact pin?” she asked moving forward with her body getting to within a few inches of the now much more alluring customer.

“Sorry” he said slightly embarrassed at the flirtation from a girl he had only just met.

“What do you mean ‘Sorry’” she asked confused at the abrupt push back in her advance.

“I don’t play for that least not in a while” he said walking away wondering if all females would start to jump like this.


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