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the great escape (part 4)

Posted on Tue Oct 5th, 2010 @ 6:53pm by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King


All things considered Leanne had slept well for the short time she had before her watch started. Sleep always had a way of helping her clear her mind. She had lost two members of her team while down on this god forsaken patch of earth and there wasn't anything she had been able to do about it.

All that mattered now was getting herself and the other two women with her back, out of the jungle, out of the darkness. The jungle was black, and eerily silent. She knew that she was out there, prowling, hungering for them. She had faced a queen before back in Linta, and knew that she wouldn't stop until one of them was dead.

"God I wish I had a cigarette." She paced over to where she had left her phaser rifle and grabbed it, cradling it in her arms. Hopefully she wouldn't need to use it but if it meant taking care of her crew she would.

Suddenly a chirp and then static message echoed out over her comm badge. She tapped it quickly. "Leanne here, repeat your message." She knew that calling out would alert anything to their presence there but she had to chance it.

The voice came across more clearly this time. "Commander Ulonova, it is good to hear from you, we've been able to get a lock on you and the party."

"It is about time. Three to beam up" She looked at the other two women in the ruins when suddenly a warning flashed on the tricorder they had set up as a proximity warning. "Anytime Roark."

Through a hole in the wall, a tall, dark fearsome looking creature stepped through the hole. Her eyes focused on the doctor, saliva dripped off of her teeth. "You will be mine female.. I will have you, I will take great pleasure in what I'm about to do to you." The queen stood tall, towering over the diminutive woman. With great speed, she lounged at her claws and fangs glinting in the night. Leanne put her arms up in defense and then nothing.


The transporter chief smiled at the doctor and the other two women who had just materialized on the pad. "Welcome back team."

Leanne dropped the phaser and sat down on the pad. Sweat pouring from her face. "Thanks chief, I owe you a drink."


The queen landed heavily in the dirt against the wall of the ruins. She let out a blood curdling screen as she picked herself up off the ground. Her prey had been snatched from her lips. She moved over and grabbed the piece of equipment that had alerted them to her presence and snarled. Folding it up and carrying it with her, the queen moved out of the ruins, and back into the inky black of the night.


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