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Fallen Friends

Posted on Sun Oct 10th, 2010 @ 9:29am by Lieutenant Commander Deanna King & Lieutenant Kriss Maxx

Mission: Remembrance

The call from Sara had taken her by surprise, and none more than the content of the call. 'Admiral, we need you in Ops. Commodore Aerelon... He's back, along with Mason and Solis!'<'i>.
She had started out in a controlled manner, but it slipped with each step and before long a full blown run had taken her. Dashing through the milling population in the corridors she barreled into the nearest turbolift and called for its ascent to Ops.
What greeted her as she stepped from the lift was not what she had wanted too see. Solis looked worn and pale, Krissy kneeling over a wrapped figure weeping as if she had lost her lover... Then it hit her. The figure wrapped was Zeek!

Sara looked round to Beverly a tear rolled down her cheek, "I'm sorry Admiral" she said physically holding back the floods of tears as the medical team made ready to move the Commodore's limp body.

Hearing Beverly's title Krissy lifted her weeping face at met her eyes from across the room in a silent, heartfelt plea for comfort and strength from her friend.

Cailyn made her way from sickbay towards Ops. When she exited the turbolift she saw a bunch of peoeple standing in a small circle. She made her way and looked what happend. She took a deep breath and pressed her comebadge.
"Commander Ulonova, please report to OPs ASAP." Cailyn said as she looked at the body on the floor.

Leanne had just gotten back from the away mission and had deposited some of her things in small quarters. The call from ops shook her from the trance that she was in, no doubt it was concerning what had happend and the loss of two officers under her command. "I'll be there shortly." Leanne got up and headed to the nearest turbolift, her mind swimming with uncertainty and doubt over the entire mess that was her mission, she completed it but with a cost.

As the doors opened up to ops, she looked around at the other officers who had turned to look at her. "I'm here, what is the matter?"

Moving over to her friend Sara spoke in a hushed tone, "Solis and Mason need treatment, Aerelon's" she bowed her head as Leanne took in what she said and pieced together the remainder. It had hit so many of them pretty hard, none more so than DeVuor, she had known them the longest and had hand picked them for the Arizona mission.

"Ohh...umm.." Leanne was taken a back by the realization. "Well, let me triage those two and then." She trailed off as she walked over to a panel near one of the ops stations and grabbed a medical kit. The doctor took out a tricorder and began to scan Mason. She didn't have the capcity process everything that was coming to a head.

Too lost in her personal emotions Krissy barely noted the tricorder tracing her bio-signs as she knelt clutching the fringe of the Federation flag tightly. So tight in fact the time that had been asked to removed the casket had to prise her fingers open.

Deanna had just arrived back on base after the long mission she was on with the rest of the away team. Deanna made her way to ops were she saw many of the senior officers gathering. She could feel the sadness. She walked around ops and tried to reassure each officer that things would be okay and let them know that if they need her that she would be in her office to talk them. Deanna walked over to Leanne. "Doctor, is there anything I could do to help you?"

Beverly was stunned. It had only been a few days ago that she had watched the three of them, all with a spring in their step over the new assignment, making their way down to the runabout pad. Then the luck had turned and Genesis had picked up the Arizona lifeboats. She had thought never to see any of them again, yet here they were, but it still managed to hit her that no smiles filled the room, only a deep set sadness.
"What happened?" her words were soft and she tried to fight back the tears that stung her eyes and threatened to fall.

"The cloak," Krissy spoke at long last, her voice barley audible. "It malfunction causing a build-up of negative ions around the core. We stabilize it... there was no other choice but to abandon ship,"a silent tear trickled down the Commander narrow cheek. "We remained to ensure all hands had been evacuated, and to reduce the damage to the station... we barley made it out and was caught in the explosion....blacked out.." Mason sniffed wiping her face with a burnt sleeve. "Somehow we we'd crossed into another reality...landed ourselves in the brig of other starship... didn't recognize anything familar...Zeek didn't wake - but I checked his pulse, Solis too..." She looked around quickly at her superior officer for support, sounding more agitated then before.

"We were questioned by some Admiral, and strangely when we told him who were and we'd come from he released us. No questions asked," Krissy tone turned somber again, her lips trembling as if she would burst into tears once more. "We challenged him on where Zeek was since we hadn't seen him.... he said...he'd died of his injuires... yet Solis and I are alright, we'd all been through the same..." another tear slide down her face. Confirming the story hurt just as badly as when the Admiral had lead them into sickbay to collect Zeek's body. She couldn't see through the tears.

Beverly hadn't moved from her spot, still in shock at the survival of her friend, her colleague and the demise of her partner. It was more a sense of loosing a business partner than anything else, but it still stung and tears had started to well in her eyes. Silently they slid down her cheeks as she listened to the story, watching them all from a distance not wanting to admit that Zeek was dead.
"Doctor... Would you please treat their injuries... Could you also move Zeek to the Chapel... I have a call to make!"


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