USS Wakizashi

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The USS Wakizashi is a Ronin class vessel. It follows in a long tradition of Starfleet constructing smaller versions of heavy cruisers to use in secondary roles. In this case, the sister class is the Sovereign. In keeping with that tradition, the Wakizashi is named for the smaller of the two swords traditionally worn by samurai to indicate their feudal rank.

It is 525 metres long with a beam of 186 meters and height of 102 metres. There are 19 decks.
It has a cruising speed of Warp 7 and a maximum of Warp 9.6. In an emergency it can maintain Warp 9.9 for twelve hours though the engines need to cool for seven hours afterwards.
It carries a total compliment of 450, consisting of 70 officers, 230 enlisted and 150 Marines.
Its armament is seven phaser arrays augmented by two phaser cannons and four pulse phaser cannons. In addition, it has eight torpedo launchers: one in a forward turret; two in the forward weapons pod plus one in the rear pod; two near the aft engineering hull, and; one below each nacelle. All launchers are configured for photon, quantum and tircobalt torpedos.

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