USS Capicorn

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The Capricorn has a mass of 700,000 tonnes. It is half the size of the Sovereign class with only 15 decks. Its maximum sustainable cruising speed is Warp 9.

Its torpedo tubes are compatible with both photon and quantum torpedos and tricobalt devices. The Capricorn is also armed with thirteen phaser arrays. On the upper hull, four are located on the dorsal saucer section with two smaller arrays on the aft section. There is also a small array in an arc extending behind the bridge. On the lower hull, two arrays are located on the dorsal section. Further protection is given by an array just fore of the warp core ejection port and one below the shuttlebay landing pad. As well, there are phaser strips on each of the nacelle pylons. Additionally, there are two phaser banks located near the aft torpedo launchers and one behind the second tractor beam emitter in the aft section of Deck 14.
The Capricorn has standard deflector shields.

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