USS Steadfast

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The Steadfast is a Defiant class vessel of 355,000 tonnes.

It has a maximum speed of Warp 9.5. It carries a crew compliment of 50.
The class was Starfleet’s first dedicated combat vessel. Armament consists of phaser cannons located above and below the nacelle attachments on the main hull on both port and starboard sides. There are phaser arrays both fore and aft as well as one behind the bridge on the dorsal surface. In extreme emergency, the forward deflector array can be reconfigured as a one shot phaser emitter. Torpedo launchers are configured for both quantum and photon torpedos. Four are located in dorsal and ventral pairs just forward of each of the warp nacelles. Two more are located aft near the rear end of the nacelles.
The Steadfast is equipped with ablative armour and has standard deflector shields.
It has also been fitted with the counter to the Breen energy dampening technology.

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