Deep Space 12

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Deep Space 12 is a Cardassian Nor class station. It was ceded to the Federation as part of the peace treaty of 2375. It is a major repair facility and supply depot for Starfleet’s Task Force 72. As well, it performs humanitarian duties and is the base for patrols along the Cardassian/Federation frontier in its sector of space.

It has a nominal crew of 300 but has the capacity to house up to 7,000 people. There are six large docking ports on the pylons, three medium and nine smaller ones on the docking ring and six landing pads.
Its armament consists of 48 phaser arrays on rotary mounts plus 36 emitters on stationary mounts and 3 on sliding mounts. There are 48 torpedo launchers. Normally the station has over 5,000 torpedos in its arsenal, a mixture of photon and quantum. All launchers are configured for both types.
It boasts standard deflector shields.

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